Shoreditch Strolling

So yeah, nothings changed… I’m still on a mission to tick off as many of London’s quirky corners as I can before I die…

Only this time- it’s in celebration of one of my best friends birthday!

Kicking off with an ORANGE GIN at Liverpool Street Stations very own Wetherspoon!

As I’ve mentioned on recent blog posts I’m still very much on a mission to try as many gin flavours as I can! Orange- CHECK!

& then we made our way to Spitalfield Market only a short walk away in search of FOOD!

I LOVE Spitalfield…I could honestly spend hours there (and do!)

Foodies, shoppers or sit and watch the world go byers…this place has what you all need and such a great vibe.


With plenty of instgramable corners of course!

Including alllll the food!

It’s so hard trying to choosing where to eat BUT…this time I chose YUM BUN!

Here we have the Japanese – style fried chicken with pickles, mayo, lettuce and chilli in a soft steamed bun.

They were SO. BLOODY. GOOD!

Priced at £4.50 each or 2 of £8 – I obviously went for 2…and was very glad I did as they’re not very big at all BUT…clearly made with love I wasn’t mad as I’m happy with quality over quantity all day long and give these yummy bunnies a solid 4.5/5.

The rest of the menu looked bloody good too so I’ll definitely be back to try more!

Natalie (the birthday girl) went for The DUMPLING SHACKS boiled vegan dumplings in soy garlic dressing.

They looked real good and Natalie didn’t have any complaints!

I can also vouch for their Pork and Leek Pan Fried Soup Dumplings which I had the pleasure of devouring last year!

£10.90 for 4 and again…I’ve gotta give these little dumplings a strong 4/5

Anyway moving on…

We had a reservation to make so…once fed, we set off through weird and wonderful Shoreditch…


towards…NIKKIS BAR for a cocktail or 3!

This Quentin Tarantino inspired bar is an Instagrammer/cocktail lovers dream…

Having already visited the sister bar Tonight Josephine ,I already knew what I was in for…so I was happy!

Their cocktail menus are pretty much identical too so I went one I knew I liked and was a bit more adventurous and tried something new.

LOVE POTION– Beefeater Pink Gin, strawberry jam, fresh lemon juice, pineapple syrup and Prosecco
TOASTED POPCORN SOUR- Jack Daniel’s, popcorn syrup, fresh lemon juice, egg white, popcorn.

Although this one looks cool, I wasn’t a fan of how it tasted. None of our party were too keen on it actually…so although I’m a firm believer in always making your own mind up- do so at your own risk!

The Menu- we couldn’t get enough!

Luckily it was HAPPY HOUR too, which made the fact I wasn’t a fan of my second cocktail sting a little less! Onto the next!

A few cocktail filled hours later and our group had shrunk significantly!

& full of cocktails we were ready to eat again!


We debated walking back through Spitalfield Market BUT then remembered Nikki’s served food too!



PATTY MELT WITH SRIRACHA SAUCE- I shared this cheesy dream with one of the other girls along with a portion of cheesy fries and gravy and I’m glad we did because I probably would have wasted I if not! So bloody good though…my tummy’s rumbling just typing out this post!


Once our reservation slot was up we moved over to the famous motel bed…


Got out Insta pics…


And made our way back to the station for half a Guinness (with blackcurrant for me) at the station and jumped back on the train home by 10…because I’m a millennial granny…AND PROUD!



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