At Home Spa Day

Because self care starts at home (and doesn’t cost hundreds of £££)

I’ve been wanting to blog one of my little “self-care” nights/days for a while now…and to be fair I do pretty much “document” most of them on my Instagram story but finally…HERE WE ARE!

& actually this spa day also fell on a day I was home sick with a cold so it was SO NEEDED!

I started todays pamper session the same way all of my pamper sessions start…

A bath with all the trimmings…

My bath tray is one of my favourite purchases of all time. (Even though it’s a little too wide for our new bath now lol). Whether I just use it to rest my wash bits on or if I go all out with a candle, a cup of something, snacks and…I don’t know…a mini cactus… I just LOVE IT and think it’s such a great idea for forcing you to be mindful when putting together YOUR idea of the perfect “me time”. I was even pleasantly surprised to find that Alex (my boyfriend who would usually just jump in and out the shower) had got home from work late one day last week and ran himself  a little late night bath as I was sleeping…lit a candle and enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits as he soaked and it really made me smile. Everyone loves the bath tray! ALL HAIL!

I know it’s great to just BE and enjoy doing nothing during these moments BUT…your time in the bath can sometimes be a good time to catch up on things you might be struggling to find the time to do…

SO… I’ll also usually either read, catch up on Youtube vlogs or listen to a podcast whilst in the bath (or in this case write in my journal a I’ve been neglecting it the last two weeks)

Including some kind of “entertainment” to your bath is a good idea ESPECIALLY if you’re the kind of person who finds soaking its the bath more boring then relaxing!

Something I love about when I fall behind with filling in the daily journal- is how many times I’ve gone back and found that I had already been feeling, thinking or DOING lots of the self -care activities or suggestions without being prompted. I found that today too and it was such a good feeling 🙂

Next up…time to


Again I think bath bubbles and bombs are another awesome little “trimming” to add when putting yourself a little mindful bath together and really adds to it. This is one of the LUSH Christmas bath bombs and it’s called The Words Smallest Disco


Ooooh so universal!



Ok so skincare wise I’m definitely no pro! I love a weekly face mask but “daily routine” wise I’m not very consistent! I love the way I feel when I’m being a skincare saint but right now…I’m for sure more of a…wash everyday and DEEP CLEAN each week kinda gal (but I’m working on it).

Product wise…again…I just have lots of random things that I’ve managed to collect over the years!

Other than a few products I’ve purchased whilst on SPA breaks, I wouldn’t say I have anything high end really…

& I’ve made the decision to stop buying new things and just make my through what I do have…so it’s been a very random mix…as you can see…


The Rodial scrub is something I got in an M&S advent calendar and I really like it. I also have the Rodial peel mask and although they have the word ACID on them they’re still pretty gentle on my skin. As is the ALOE face wash…I got this stuff at a Forever Party a few years ago now and it’s still going strong and is SO GENTLE!

Followed by a little VITAMIN C FACE MASK that was a gift from my Mum some time ago and I was actually very pleasantly surprised with it!

Since it was from Topshop instead of a skincare shop, I worried it would be “full of crap” and sting my skin (and it may well have been full of crap) BUT it was a nice, thick, creamy consistency and felt really nice and gentle on.

I used half last weekend and I actually had a couple of compliments on the “fresh” appearance and softness of my skin after using it!

I had quite a lot left over too and finished it off today.


So bravo Topshop…and thanks Mother! 🙂

  Ok so to top it off I actually did a little bit of skincare mixology using one of my usual day creams…

Todays being the No.7 Day Cream



This magical little creation…( which was another M&S advent calendar gift)

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil


 I scooped a blob of moistoriser into my hand and then drizzled a few drops of the dry oil on top and mixed it all together before smothering it all over my face!

& since I’d been suffering with a cold and blowing my nose for two days straight my skin was sore, dry and red- especially the area between my nose and lips… but no matter how much vaseline or moisturiser I tried, I could never seem to get any “relief” from the sore/tightness …UNTIL this stuff!

I seriously LOVE IT!

So if you suffer with dry skin like me- especially when you get ill I would so recommend tracking it down (or any other kind of face oil you’d prefer) because it’s a game changer!


Next up…

A little bit of HAIR CARE!

I usually use The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask (and have mentioned it before on an older post)…but after seeing that they had a NEW SHEA BUTTER hair collection in store I had a little wander into my local Body Shop and bagged myself the whole trio!

So yeah…I tried them all out and lastly smothered my hair in the mask for 15-20 minutes before I applied my face mask.

Then once I had towel dried my hair I used the PERCY & REED NO-OIL OIL to give it that extra little something  for the road (because my hair needs it right now!) which again was M&S advent calendar born.


My hair’s in pretty dire need of a cut right now so it is very dry but using the mask on top of the shampoo and conditioner definitely helped the situation and it felt a lot softer than afterwards so I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Lastly my “No oil oil” just helps me feel like I’m giving it that last little nourish until next time!


Once I was out of the bath and everything had been masked and oiled up…I was feeling so much better and so friggin’ fresh, which defiantly helped to ease the crappiness of feeling ill!

Having given myself a good old pamper I moved onto getting cosy and ready to make myself some breakfast!

I’d been on the hunt for a teddy fleece for ages but everyone I found was super expensive! For example I found one in Urban Outfitters but it was fifty nine bloody pounds so I just couldn’t do it- it pained me!


When I heard Topshop were selling theirs off (I guess because the weather is MEANT to be getting warmer here LOL) for £15 each I was sooooo HAPPPPPY that I skipped right on down to my local to nab one… and it debuted perfectly on my pamper day!


 Paired with my favourite UNIQLO jogging bottoms, my neon orange socks (for a colour injection to brighten the day up) and some old faithful slippers I felt so ready for a day of chilling whilst I let all the oils soak in and rejuvenate me!



Now- I know I probably sound a little crazy making an effort to mention the outfit I wore to sit around and do nothing…but for me this is what life is all about!

Getting joy from the little things…

Appreciating the sh*t out of my Topshop bargain and my brightly coloured socks as I mindfully made a yummy nutritious breakfast (crumpets with cheesy scrambled eggs and a smoothie to get those well needed vitamins in!) and enjoyed a day of rest!

& my god, did I enjoy it!


So I hope you did too!




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