Cosy Corners


Following on from my Homeware Happiness post I thought it was time to move onto sharing some of my LITTLE homeware finds!

We’ve honestly had SO MUCH FUN making the flat into a home with our little finds and touches and I can’t wait to share them! 🙂

I’ve been thinking of how to lay this out…

And I was going to do “shop by shop” finds but instead I think I’m going to go “room by room” and just tell you where I got things from as I go through how we’ve created some of our favourite cosy corners!

& I hope you enjoy them too!

Living Room

Our DIY TV stand/unit, thrown together by Alex has turned out to be… probably my favourite cosy corner of them all! You simply can’t beat a wooden crate, or six CRATES in this case. It was another one of Alex’s many visions and I’ve got to say it’s one that came together rather nicely- finished off with his books, a few little nick knacks and some B&M FAIRY LIGHTS…this corner is the centre of what makes our cosy evenings so damn cosy and has been admired by many! 🙂 (PS mine are actually the star lights but I can’t find the link-they may still be in the shop though and I’ve also seen some in Primark!)

I’d say the look we like and have gone for is a…cosy MEETS minimalist kinda look…

I’m a complete believer in a clean organised space to keep the mind peaceful but I’m not a fan of being SO minimal that the room feels bare and cold.

“They say” we shouldn’t let our THINGS own us but the THINGS that made the cut when moving, mean a lot to me so I don’t want to treasure them from a dark draw where they will never be seen again.

I wanted to make sure that every little THING that went into making our home homely was meaningful and felt GOOD to have around us.

That’s pretty much how we ended up with our sort of….organised chaotic cosy corners… and we love them.

Every single nick knack is special to us. Every book, poster, candle and pineapple is meaningful.

Each little thing collected along the way…finally has it’s place and is serving it’s purpose- making our home OURS!


Instead of bore you with the story behind every item I’ll just show you and link any of the items I can find!



My charming RUSSIAN DOLL ,another set of fairy lights in the B&M Lantern linked in my last HOME BLOG POST along with some IKEA candles to finish the look!
My little New Forest Flagon mentioned in the NEW FOREST FINDS post!
Our LITTLE COPPER CLOCK was a Dunelm find to join in with the copper theme and my growing book collection deserved a place out in the open so that they can carry on spreading the love!
Alex is dominating this room at the moment with his letters…BUT as they’re copper they work nicely…so as I’ve got my J cushion on our bed…I’ll let him have the living room lol. I believe the bigger one was from NEXT and the smaller one from HOBBY CRAFT.



One thing we knew for sure before we moved in was that we were going to fill the place with plants and succulents! And we actually managed to do so at a very good price!

Meet some of our plant babies!

Sebastian the Snake Plant (gifted)


Dorris the DYPSIS LUTESCENS and her POT

Kitchen/Dining Area

Vera the ALOE VERA and her pretty pink POT (which we were delighted matched our peeping Sainsbury’s mugs EXACTLY!) |TOASTER | KETTLE (a gift from our insanely generous friends) | COFFEE MACHINE
We LOVE our table and bench! I actually never mentioned it in my first homeware post and I don’t know why as it’s one of our faves. I think maybe because we didn’t buy it I didn’t include it. We were lucky enough to receive it as a gift and following someones Instagram story a few weeks before I was inspired to pic up a FAUX SHEEPSKIN RUG to copy the look! Its so cosy on an evening with a few candles lit! HEHE 🙂
We set ourselves the challenge to make sure we have fresh flowers in the flat for a burst of colour every week! We’ve done pretty well so far other than maybe 2 weeks out of 12! And our IKEA VASE has made the perfect home for them! I also use it to make big jugs of lemon infused water when it’s not occupied with flowers! 🙂


Our bedroom is one of my favourite places ever! I love how bright and neutral it is and again every little thing within it makes me feel calm and positive. Including another splash of greenery- Twigglet the DRACAENA plant and POT for some more nice natural vibes.
This little corner of happiness get’s compliments from all of our visitors! My LUSH addiction is as real as they get and I just feel the bath bombs are so pretty that they deserve to be out and on show until the day I  finally make bath art with them! So when we found this BIG GLASS VASE in IKEA – it fit the bill perfectly and believe it or not Alex was just as excited as me!
My beautiful MOON LAMP was a gift from my family and creates such a lovely calming glow! Paired perfectly with my Moon Gazing Hare (also picked up from the NEW FOREST) this corner is another one that’s filled with love for me! 🙂


Oh man, my BATH TRAY is one of my favourite purchases ever and it’s one I’ve talked about a lot! I won’t get into it again but let me put it this way ok- your baths will never be the same again! 🙂
& of course we couldn’t leave the bathroom out when spreading the green love! Meet Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup our cute CACTUS TRIO!

& lastly

The Hallway

And this cute AF flat woven door rug from FLYING TIGER which I am OBSESSED with!

& there you have it!

When we moved into this flat I was so happy that we had a nice neutral canvas to work with in terms of furnishing, because since we’re renting decorating is just NOT something we could be bothered with.

By taking the bit and pieces we both collected along the way and few new purchases I truly feel like we have created our very own happy place and I cannot get enough of it!


I hope you enjoyed and I hope that I might have even given you inspiration no matter how big or small! It’s so sooo important to make your home an environment where your mind can breathe and it’s so much fun working out what that means for you!

I also have my HOMEWARE HAPPINESS post where I talk about our larger finds!

So if you haven’t read that and would like to please CHECK IT OUT!

& please please if/when you do decide to create your own cosy corners- let me know, I would LOVE to see!

Have a great weekend, whether you’re out frolicking or spending time at HOME!

Until next time


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