Anxiety Vlog



Hello and Happy Thursday!

Ironically yesterday was a bit of a wonky Wednesday for me and I felt super anxious suddenly towards the end of the afternoon and it totally wiped out my evening!

I was supposed to go to yoga but towards the last hour or two of work I started to feel so on edge and wired you’d think I’d drank 5 cups of coffee!

So I decided I was going to go and let off some steam in the gym and lift some weights instead…

I was mentally planning my workout and looking forward to a good old full body blitz when I looked out of the window- clocked the insanely heavy rain…and just as quickly as I convinced myself not to go to yoga… I had convinced myself not to go to the gym, go home and workout instead…

By the time I popped to a few shops and got home, I felt like I had done so much faffing that it was time for dinner and just like THAT… I was demotivated again.

Within 3 hours I’d managed to have my very own mental rollercoaster ride and had left myself feeling crappy.

I threw on my big fluffy dressing gown, laid on the sofa and felt sorry for myself.

I allowed myself to just sit with the feeling… until eventually it started to move through me and away.


I took a breath and decided…to stop being hard on myself…throw on a nice big full body yoga session with Andriene on YouTube and just


(Jeez did that escalate quickly!)

I hope YOU had a Wonderful Wednesday but if it was a little wonky like mine…it’s all good… because we mustn’t forget that (thankfully)…THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I laid there for a while and wrote down what I was grateful for instead…

And in that moment  I was so grateful for: my surprisingly patient boyfriend, who was cooking me dinner after being snapped at as I laid beached and mentally battered…on the sofa…in my fluffy dressing gown.

Please comment in the section below and tell me what you’re grateful for today…


Go and watch my video HERE 🙂


Thank you and goodnight


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