It’s My Blogs 1st Birthday!

365 Days of being a Blog Mum!

It’s Tuesday 21st May and it’s officially Where’s Jordan Now’s 1st Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today, I clicked “Publish” and sent my very first blog post into the cyber world for judgement!

I’d set the website up weeks before but it took me a little while to muster the guts, overcome the nervous butterflies and press go…

& lemme tell ya…those little butterflies (although sometimes the anxious kind) have remained ever since…and they’re very happy ones!

My blog was born at around the same time that a new chapter in my life began and a time that I could feel myself growing and changing as a person more than ever before.

& just as I have -my blog has been along for the ride- up’s downs and all!

At times I’ve had my blogger sh*t completely together and tended to it daily and at others I’ve neglected it as other sh*t has fallen apart….

 & just in the same way that I feel about LIFE…every time that I stop, breath and come back to it… it feels better and better as it grows further and further into the blog it was really born to be.

Every post I’ve published has brought me a rush of excitement and joy.

& the support I’ve received- every view, like, comment, share and kind word… has made overcoming that initial fear even more worth it!

So whether you’ve been here since day one or you’re new around here…

Whether you openly show love and constructive criticism or you prefer to enjoy from afar…

If you’re HERE…I appreciate you and hope you stick around!

I’m looking to plan something fun to mark the occasion very soon so pretty please leave me a comment below to let me know you’re out there and since when!

Thank you! 🙂

All my love

Pineapple Head


ps don’t forget you can also find me on:

Instagram: @wheresjordannow

Facebook: Where’s Jordan Now 


YouTube: Me & Meatball



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