London Balance Festival Vlog


Hello Hello!

Have you ever heard of the London Balance Festival?

Have you been debating going but aren’t sure what to expect- so you just miss the window and say you’ll do it “next year”?

Yeah, that’s what I used to do too.

Balance is one big fat weekend of everything and anything WELLNESS!

Food, fitness, mindfulness…you name it, they’ve got it.

I ‘ve always LOVE LOVE LOVED the idea of a whole day of health and fitness, with a bunch of people who love the same things I do…and I’ve had my eye on a few different events in the past but then my social anxiety would convince me not to do it.

However this year I grabbed Balance by the balls and bought myself a ticket…

& I’m so glad I did!

I vlogged the day so if you’d like to go and see what it’s all about…



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