4 Reasons You Need to DITCH FAT FREE!

4 Reasons You Need to Ditch “0% FAT” Products

So many (in fact most) people I know either want to lose weight (body fat) or improve their all-round health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately one of the first things people tend to do when they decide they want to shed some fat (thanks to the media) is CUT the fat from their diet.

Low fat this, fat free that…

Out with the avocados and blue top milk and in with the 0% yoghurts and super duper processed fat free snacks! Not a bag of nuts in sight!

 & then

Once that big old money making monster that is the “fat free industry” has well and truly prayed on your insecurities and wormed it’s way into your life…it leaves you…consumed by fat fear and usually…worse off than when you started.

A few weeks ago, I took to Instagram and expressed my love for full fat, asking my followers if they still find themselves scared of that RED LABEL…

No surprises- the majority answered YES!

And SO…

 I want to share with you (and anyone else who will listen) WHY there is nothing to fear!

I’ve also filmed a YouTube video on this so if you’d rather WATCH than read


Reasons you should DITCH Fat Free…

1. They Do Not Satisfy You

When the natural fat is removed from a food product, something’s gotta take it’s place in order to make what’s left palatable! That something usually comes in the form of processed, chemical filled sweeteners and preservatives. Basically it’s replaced with lots of random crap. However the product tastes good again and that’s all that matters…right?


You see, by stripping back the fat, you also strip away the nutrition AND benefits that come with it! One of these being that fat is digested easier by the body and slower. The calories/energy fat contains help you to feel truly satisfied and because fat is broken down slowly it gives your brain time to register fullness and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

The fat in that product helps you regulate your appetite so without it…you’re just eating a far emptier meal nutrition wise and if you’re left feeling satisfied at all it won’t usually be for very long!

Constantly snacking on these fat free products and never really feeling satisfied means you’re much more likely to reach for something else….

and if that something else is even  MORE fat free nothingness you can quickly find your self snack snack snackin your way to overeating! The snowball effect at it’s finest!

You’re much better off eating fewer full fat meals/snacks to FUEL and NOUSISH your body.

If you find this to be a problem you have, give it a go! Next time you do your weekly shop, go for the full fat yoghurt, milk and cheese instead of their modified weird siblings. Hell, throw some nuts and an avocado in there while you’re at it!


2. You Need to Eat Fat to Burn Fat

It sounds weird I know…but it’s true and here’s why!

In order for your body and metabolism to work efficiently for you, you need to fuel them accordingly!

Food = calories

Calories = energy

& therefore (although food should absolutely = enjoyment) essentially food= FUEL!

Alongside it’s two other macronutrients carbohydrates and protein, FAT contains twice the calories/energy/fuel

So if you’re cutting fat from your diet your body will naturally lack in energy and won’t work efficiently when you decide you’re going to start getting more active, switching to a zero fat low carb diet and expecting your body to have enough energy to function efficiently and BURN FAT for you.

If you’re restricting your body of it’s needed calories you’ll find yourself feeling sluggish pretty fast as your energy levels drop…and that’s exactly what happens to our metabolism too…when your body is deprived it goes into survival mode out of fear you’re going to starve and everything slows right down in order to preserve the energy you do have.

Everyone’s obsessed with their METAOLISM…whether they have a fast one and if not HOW they can speed it up. Well there’s your answer- just fuel it!

I know what you might be thinking…”so if I just need to eat enough calories why can’t I just try to eat the needed calories through foods other than fats so my body will still burn it?”

BUT…the problem there is that you also need to make sure the appropriate hormones are present too!

The hormones related to the break down of fat are produced by the body WHEN you eat fat…so essentially if you stop eating fat the production of those hormones will decrease and therefore you could be singlehandedly conditioning your body to stop burning fat!

Oh the irony!


3. They Deprive you of Nutrients

Balanced eating is encouraged for a reason and in this case it’s because (as well as all of the above) lots of vitamins and minerals in our food are actually FAT-SOLUBLE which means fat must be present in order for our bodies to absorb the goodness from them!

Now I’m not saying you absorb NOTHING but in terms of efficiency…again…it’s not great! Just think about how creamy and nourishing the consistency of naturally high fat food are…well…you are what you eat! Those nourishing fats also hold the hand of all the other good stuff, showing them the way!

Take that away and many of them get lost and just filter straight through you with all of the other waste!


4. They’re Making You Fat

Remember way back at no. 1 when I talked about how the absence of nutrients in fat free products can cause you to over eat due to never feeling properly full?

And no. 2 where I mentioned a bunch of different stuff including how the imbalance of eating a zero fat diet can mess with your hormones and metabolism?

Well that comes all the way back and contributes into my last and fourth reason!

Not only does eating low fat usually cause you to overeat because you struggle to reach a feeling of satiety (satisfaction) which can then lead you to overeat consistently and therefore gain more body fat…


When you pair that with a messed up sluggish metabolism that’s storing as much fat as possible, because it’s on a mission to save you from starving…it’s no wonder so many people feel like they’re chasing their tail!

Not to mention…

Fat’s helpfulness in regulating your appetite and the speed at which food is broken down and turned into energy…SO when it’s not there you’re left (usually) with an imbalanced “higher carb” meal. Carbohydrates break down into glucose (sugar- which is why everyone’s so scared of them) and without fat present to control the release of all of that glucose your body has to produce more insulin to help distribute it all.

Therefore if you’re actively trying to eat this way for a long period of time your insulin levels are going to be spiking all day long and this kind of activity can lead to awful things like diabetes.


Need I say more?

As you can see I’m a pretty huge cheerleader for full fat! I’ve been through every stage of unhealthy diet mind-set you can think of but I’m so thankful that I’ve finally achieved a sustainable one that keeps me healthy AND happy…oh and GOOD NEWS -there’s no reduced fat in sight!

Instead of focusing on and listening to the advice of money making weight loss company’s who encourage you to STOP and CUT OUT so you can LOSE, telling you to opt for low calorie over nourishment. Try thinking of how you can ADD to your diet in order to NOURISH your body and feel the BEST that you can!

I’m not a complete fat free basher I do believe they have their place in moderation of course, just like everything else!

If you aim to eat balanced and wholesomely 90% of the time then there’s always room for your favourite (less nutritious) foods too!

Especially if you’re feeding your body the good stuff that it needs so it can function as optimally as it can to deal with the less balanced days too!













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