Today’s Little Wins

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

I’ve decided I’ll be focusing on conquering the little wins this week, following a few too many blue Mondays for my liking.

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I’m going to be really making an active effort to rack up my wins by MAKING THE TIME to do so and putting it at the top of my priorities this week.

I’ve let myself drift a bit and that’s fine, it happens…but it’s time to touch base again and re-centre.

Focusing on bagging all these little wins daily allows us to feel accomplished on a regular basis which then contributes to those endorphins I harp on about so much!

I want to document how I’ll be doing so, so that if anyone is thinking of doing the same- we can do it together 🙂

This weeks priorities are simply looking after myself by making sure I’m still getting my early morning workouts in, as they have been saving me recently and getting my days off to a positive start…


Getting back on track with organized eating! No more on the go and paying the price for laziness (money I don’t have).

I find journaling my workouts and food diaries really satisfying and productive so…that’s what’ll be happening today!

Before heading to the gym- although I was painfully tired and could just about function enough to get up and out, I was sure to make my bed so that no matter how today panned out…I had a nice made bed to finish it on and end the day on a positive note.


This morning’s upper body workout:

Warm up –5 mins cross-trainer

Chest press x12 into Bent over row x12 (superset x3)

Shoulder press 3 x12

Assisted pull ups 3×12

Medicine ball slams 3 x 30 secs

Leg raises 3×12

Cool down-10 mins on cross-trainer



Today’s Food Diary


Cranberry & almond porridge sachet

Fibre one brownie



Tuna mayo pasta


X2 celebration bounty bites



Chicken sausages

Hummus and crudités


Fresh cream & jam doughnut

Iced biscuits


(I topped up with a protein shake)

Dinner was eaten picnic style during a cinema date with my little sister after work!

She’s took me to see Toy Story 4!

By getting up this morning and making time for my workout before work, it enables me to feel accomplished and free to enjoy my evening with Miya which for me- is self-care in itself.


Is this the kind of thing like to you do?

& if not do you think it would be something that could possibly help you too?

Give it a go and see how you feel!

Maybe get it down on paper to keep for yourself or even comment and share it down below!

I feel we can all learn from each other, so no matter how silly it might feel or how unimportant you think your daily habits are to everyone else …THEY ARE and by sharing them, you could just help someone else who’s out there struggling!

Being able to acknowledge and be aware of what brings and breaks your peace and calm is a super power…

And on those days when you’re struggling to see the good in life… it helps you to (if not change it)… look after yourself until it passes.

I hope you’ve had a good day…and if not- I hope you managed to create a little bit of good for yourself within it


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