Wonderful Wednesday

Hello all and Happy Wednesday,

I’m so chuffed with the positive response to yesterdays post so thank you! 🙂

Did anyone join in today and gun for a couple of little wins? If you did please let me know! If reading a post by me influences you to do, think or even SEE something in a positive way then my purpose on this crazy planet will be fulfilled and by helping you win I WIN TOO! 🙂

Last night Miya came for a midweek sleepover after the cinema which was lovely. She’s off school with chicken pox so it was so nice to spend some midweek time with her!

We spent the evening watching YouTube vlogs and getting inspiration for our very own videos!

We’re thinking the next food challenge will be “Eating What the Person in Front Orders for 24 hours” so keep an eye out for that and if you’d like to be notified of future YouTube videos be sure to subscribe to our channel!

Anyway- lets talk LITTLE WINS

So on the fitness front it was rest day for me today so although I’ve been loving weigh training lately I embraced the recovery ready for a nice strong session tomorrow!   

Instead I enjoyed the fact I had more time to focus on other areas of productivity- so here’s todays list of goodness!

Today I…


Today’s Food Diary


Oat milk protein shake

Cranberry and almond porridge


Tuna mayo pasta

Fibre one brownie



Chickpea and pistachio burger with tumeric wedges, rocket and tomatoes (from Hello Fresh)

I also had two digestive biscuits with a cup of tea as an afternoon pick me up 😊


Did you manage to find positive in your day today?

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. It’s truly the little things that matter in life. I love reading something like this as often this life is so fast paced that we forget the small things. I commend you for staying so busy and still have time for blogging. It’s important not to take small things for granted. Thanks for this post!

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