Today I’m Grateful for…

It’s been a successful week so far and I’m feeling really good!

It was another early gym session for me today and although I’m happy I managed to get up for yet another little win…I was up crazy late so it wasn’t a great night on the sleep front!

I got a little carried away editing my latest YouTube video and before I knew it, the AM was rolling back around!

Tonight’s mini goal is to set myself a time slot for any blogging/vlogging that I want to work on, so that I allow myself the time to achieve more OVERALL.

I could work on my social media until the cows come home, so I need to be careful that by making the time to do it I don’t spend so long on it that I start feeling crappy about the other stuff I don’t get time for!

I’m proud to say that this very post you’re reading was prepared and ready to post before I even had dinner so now my evening can be dedicated to some of the other things I’ve been neglecting!

Some of which include:




♥The washing



Anyway, back to the things I did do today!



Todays Arm Workout

As I said, I had a late night so I struggled to get up and was later than I wanted to be getting to the gym and we were a little tighter for time so we super-set everything.

Superset 1

Barbell bicep curls x12- Skull crushers x12

Superset 2

Seated dumbbell bicep curls x10- Hammer curls x10

Superset 3

Bicep cable curls x12 – Triceps cable extension x12

Leg raises 12×3

Cool down / Cardio- 10 minutes on cross-trainer


After dinner last night I realised that I’d forgotten to use the lemon included… so instead I plopped it into my morning water for a little extra taste and cleanse power!

That’s one less lemon half sent to live out the rest of it’s days in our fridge door – WIN!


Today’s Food Diary


Oat milk protein shake (pre-workout)

Greek style yoghurt with mango (post-workout)

Coffee and two digestive biscuits

(I had a mango left over from the weekend when I made smoothie bowls for everyone so it felt good to get it used up!)


Tuna mayo pasta- (that’s right, for the 4th time this week! I mad a big batch up on Sunday so it would be one less thing to think about each day and it’s been a dream!)



Chickpea and pistachio burger with turmeric wedges, rocket and tomatoes (the second portion of last nights Hello Fresh meal)

X2 iced biscuits


What are you grateful for today?

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