Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Another week…not just over, but- conquered! And I hope you were able to make yours a good one too.

Although I’ve been trying to make time for my self-care all week (so that I’m living NOW and not just for the weekend) I obviously can’t deny having that glorious FRIDAY FEELING!

I got to bed before 10 last night (WIN!) which was my main priority yesterday and was up bright and early again for a workout this morning!

Today’s was just a nice little core circuit and quick dose of cardio to finish off the weeks full body workouts nicely and on a natural high!

Todays Workout

Core Circuit x3

Leg raises x15

Cable crunches x15

Plank for 30 seconds


Stairmaster for 10 minutes

As we were in super early we were done showered and ready for the day by 7:30am which was literally the best feeling!


I love the feeling of accomplishing something before the day has even started!

It puts me in such a positive mind-set ready for whatever the day has in store….and even if that’s just a day at work or something I’m not particularly excited for- knowing I’ve already done something for myself really does make all the difference in my mood and how productive I am/feel for the rest of the day.

The sun was shining again today so I made sure to get outside on my lunch break and then I spent the evening with my family and chilling at my Mum’s house – one of my happy places 🙂

What about you?

Today’s Food Diary


Oat milk protein shake (pre-workout)

Protien bar (post workout)

Coffee and two digestive biscuits


Mexican chicken and cheese baguette from GREGGS and a bottle of raspberry lemonade


Handful of jelly babies


Fish chips and mushy peas with a slice of bread

Small piece of birthday cake and a cup of tea


A couple of crisps and two pink starburst





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