Baby Bumbs & Watermelon

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend.

What did you get up to?

I packed a spent bag and spent the weekend at my Mum’s…

Friday- babysitting my delicious niece Trinity who turned 1 last week!




Satyrday- at one of my oldest friends baby shower…


And Sunday just spending some chill time with My Mum and little sister (you probably know her as Miya or Meatball!)

I woke up feeling a bit yucky from hayfever and craved something nice and refreshing so me and Miya chopped up a watermelon for breakfast!

Miya then introduced me to the movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’! (It was awesome by the way) as we had some more food to balance out breakfast.


After breakfast we went for a walk around the park for a bit of fresh air and exercise…


We sniffed out the ice cream man at the park and got Miya and her little friend their very first oysters! It was a magical moment, you should have seen their faces!


After a nice lap of the park we popped home for lunch and then went back out to see ‘The Queens Corgi’s’ at the cinema.


Topped with an evening in the garden, admiring the pretty sunflowers picked up by Miya the day before whilst strawberry picking!


It’s been a whole weekend of self-care as I enjoyed some well my needed downtime after lots of early starts!

I’m feeling nice and rejuvenated after two night of well needed time with some of my favorite people, lots of soul food and rest! (Not to brag but 8+ hours sleep both nights!)

Food diary wise, here’s what the weekend looked like…




Three mini buttermilk pancakes with honey strawberries and banana.



Random buffet foods



I felt very out of whack from all the party food and didn’t really want dinner I just shared a bagel with Miya as a snack later on in the evening (jam on mine)

And Sunday…


Water melon

Two fried eggs and a bagel

Tea and 4 biscuits


Bacon’s sandwich

Cinema Snack

Small pick and mix from my party bag at the baby shower and a little packet of love hearts


Cheese burger salad (I know, wtf? I’ll insert a photo for you)

Small piece of birthday cake with some strawberries


And this tinned cocktail cause it had cute pineapples on it!


It was yummy, fruity and pretty much tasted non alcoholic so if your a sweet kinda gal like me you’ll like!

Right time for bed! Goodnight all, I hope you’re ready for another manic Monday let’s have another positive one! 🙂

Ps comment below if oysters rock YOUR world too!


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