Just Another Manic Monday

I know I know…


am aware that it’s Wednesday… I just didn’t want to bombard you yesterday having already posted on Monday and Tuesday about my latest YouTube video and all.

So HELLO and Happy Wednesday…but today I’ll be talking about the day before yesterday!

I started my daily blogs on Tuesday last week so I never posted my lower body workout…only uppers!

So today’s is going to start with Monday’s lower body workout as MONday is BUMday around here!

Here it is…

Mondays Workout

5 minutes on the cross trainer

Superset x3

Kettlebell Squat x12

Romanian Deadlift x12


Barbell Hip Thrusts 10×3

Walking Lunges 20×3

Calf raises 12×3

Leg Raises 12×3

5 minutes on the cross trainer


Despite us both feeling pretty tired from the weekend (I’ve been training with my friend Sophie hence the “us”) we increased the weight on almost every exercise, had a nice strong workout AND as always…a great start to the week/morning!

I’m so into my training again at the moment and fitting it in, in a way that works for ME has helped me stick to it consistently resulting in consistent flow of those delicious feel good endorphins! (WIN!)

This week has also seen a overflow of last weeks positive vibes!


I’ve been back out in the sunshine on my lunch break reading and taking time for myself… was back at Mums after work for a yummy healthy happy dinner and finished the night with a back, neck and shoulder massage which rolled me straight into bed for a solid (and well needed) 8 hours sleep! 🙂

Oily but happy!

In a nutshell it was a successful Monday if I do say so myself!

But what about you?

Be it- body, mind or soul…

Tell me how you’ve took time for yourself this week and made sure you looked after YOU?



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