Good Deed of the Day

Ok so although we may strive for positivity, self love and acceptance…

To be productive yet calm, healthy yet happy…

Some days…we’re just…NOT.

On those days- when you feel like its a downhill kinda day and you just can’t do right by yourself no matter how hard you WANT to and no matter how hard you try…

Sometimes, the best way (I’ve found) is to trick your self sabotaging mind by trying to do right by others instead!

The incredible feeling you GET by GIVING to another is one that just can’t be explained…only felt.

And when I say give, I don’t mean material things…just a little kind gesture to show the anxious, lonely people this society had produced, that humanity IS still alive!

I never realised just how much bitterness I used to carry around with me until I finally let it all go and actively tried to BE the way I wanted to FEEL.

Being dismissive, negative and selfish in the way I thought…was of course reflected right out into the way that I acted and in the vibes that I gave off around everyone else…and that’s not a nice energy to be around. It rubbed off on other people and it drained me…and at the end of the day when it came full circle and I’d ruined my own damn day it was ME who FELT bitter!

I had either added a little more negativity to others day and if they had been in a good enough place to rise above it…it was still just me who was left feeling resentful. Towards others AND myself. I can tell you now…that merry go round served no one!

One day it just all became so clear to me. I was choosing to think and be this way and it was weighing me right down. I was ill with anxiety and resentment out of choice…so why didn’t I just choose to UNthink that way in an attempt to relieve my mind instead.

One book in particular helped me on my way to this mind set, so I of course want to share it!

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight

& I recommend it to anyone who’s sick of getting in their own way and letting what others think effect their mental health! It might not completely transform your life overnight but with hope it will at least plant a seed for you in the way it did for me!

Anyway- I’ve gone off on a tangent – but…the bit before the book, the bit about the book…you get what I’m getting at! (right?)

By prioritising my little wins these last few weeks I’ve noticed, that as I’ve filled my own cup I’ve allowed myself to find the time to let it overflow and fill others.

Whether it be checking in on family and fiends where I’d been slacking before or just smiling at a stranger in the street…it’s reminded me of the importance of not only looking after your own inner peace and happiness but how caring about other peoples has a direct line to our very own too!

So… I’m going to leave this post here with a list (because I’m just loving lists at the moment) of little things I DID this week for others that made me feel even better myself!

What did you do? If any? Maybe this post has made you realise just how much you do DO or in fact DON’T?

If it’s the latter, I encourage you to maybe comment below or like & share this post?! 😉

I’d be more than happy to help you help yourself by helping me (flutters eyelashes)

No but on a serious note… try it!

Make a list…you don’t have to share it just give it a go and see how it makes you feel!

You get back what you put out…and all that jazz!


Things that made me feel good this week…

♥ Smiling and saying good morning to a stranger

♥ Treating my cousin (and one biggest of my biggest supporters) to afternoon tea

♥ Helping with an enquiry at work that wasn’t something I usually deal with instead of being shitty and grumpy because “it’s not my job”

♥ Took the time to check in on friends and family going through tough times

♥ Let someone in front of me during rush hour traffic







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