A Week of Balanced Eating


6:30am- I workout out fasted because I wouldn’t have had enough time to let anything digest before weight training. I just sipped on water through and after my workout.

-Sometimes I’m fine and have enough energy stored from food the day before and sometimes I feel weaker and have less energy. Today I felt pretty tired so was gagging for breakfast and wanted to get some carbs in quick!

Breakfast (post workout)

Scone with clotted cream, jam, strawberries and grapes

Oat milk protein shake

White coffee (1 sugar, skimmed milk)

-I prefer whole milk but my work colleagues buy semi-skimmed for the office so I just have to get over it



Tuna mayo salad



Sea bass fillet, crushed potatoes and green beans

Small piece of chocolate birthday cake, strawberries, melon and pineapple chunks

Tinned Violet Cosmo cocktail



x3 poppy seed crackers with cheddar/chive cheese





Bowl of cookie crisp cereal (semi-skimmed milk)

Fried egg and half a toasted bagel (buttered)

Decaf coffee with coconut milk (1 sugar)


 AM Drinks/Snack

Cup of popcorn green tea

Small crunchie and a cup of breakfast tea with semi-skimmed milk



Tuna mayo salad

Greek yoghurt with watermelon and pineapple chunks

Strawberry cornetto



Pork chop with rice, veggies and two spring rolls


Cinema snacks

Watermelon chunks

Honeycomb graze bite

handful of peanut M&M’s



Breakfast (post-workout)

Maple and pecan porridge sachet with semi skimmed milk, greek yoghurt, pineapple and watermelon chunks.


AM Snack

Two digestive biscuits and a coffee (white with one sugar)




Egg mayo & salad sandwich


PS Snack

Strawberry Cornetto



Garlic chicken kiev, chips and veggies (with a dollop of garlic mayo)

Bowl of Belgian chocolate Haagen Dazs




Breakfast (post workout)

Greek yoghurt with pineapple and watermelon chunks




Chicken, stuffing, spinach and mayo sandwich

Ready salted crisps

Easy peel orange

 Three squares of dark chocolate


Evening Meeting Snacks

Cup of tea and 6/7 biscuits



Dairylea Lunchable (ham and cheese)

Four Heck chicken sausages




Breakfast (post workout)

Two digestive biscuits and a cup of tea

Protein shake




Three chicken sausages, savoury rice, green beans (with ketchup)



Krispy Kreme doughnut (raspberry glazed) and a cup of tea



Free from pizza with garlic mayo

Glass of Coco cola

x2 free from Oreo’s




Free from mango and passionfruit yoghurt, free from granola, strawberries, raspberries, dark chocolate chips



(Afternoon Tea)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber finger sandwich

x2 Beef and horse radish finger sandwiches

x2 Ham and mustard finger sandwiches

Egg mayo finger sandwich

Cranberry scone (half with clotted cream and honey comb, half with clotted cream and raspberry jam)

x5 Different mini sweets/pastries

Pot of Cornish Manuka Tea



Saveloy & chips


Sleepover & movie snacks

Handful of spare rib flavoured cracker crisps

2 Lines of fruit and nut Cadbury chocolate

Handful of millions (sweets)




Alpro passionfruit greek style yoghurt

Chocolate twist

Strawberries and raspberries

Cup of tea and x2 digestive biscuits


Coffee shop/blogging refreshment

Medium iced vanilla latte



Jacket potato with beans, cheese and salad.

X2 cocktails


Krispy Kreme doughnut (shared different ones)

Cup of tea




-I’m trying to get my water in between meals these days instead of along side my food so that I don’t feel full from liquid and so that my body can concentrate fully on registering and digesting the food first. Therefore I haven’t noted every time I drank water as I just sip on it throughout the day. I do however try to fill my reusable bottle up at least twice. 


And thats a wrap! I’m currently finishing off this post sat in the garden, fairy lights on sipping my cup of tea…

I hope you all had a good week of eating and a lovely weekend

Let me know what meal was your favorite!

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to all the food next week will bring!


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