GOOD Morning

My morning’s have been a little all or nothing recently …

I’ve been up at 5:30am 3-4 days a week and getting to the gym so I feel awesome before my work day has even started…

BUT on my rest days I’ve been lacking in motivation to get up early and end up snoooooooozing my alarm until I’m rolling out of bed at the last possible minute and getting to work way later than I’d like.

& on THOSE days I feel the complete OPPOSITE of awesome and IT IS. GETTING. ON. MY. NERVES!

I’m a part time morning routine guru but then for the rest of the week I can’t get my sh*t together!?


Clearly waking up to go and sit at a desk all day isn’t lighting a fire in my stomach the way my morning workouts do!

But today I scheduled in a different kind of ME TIME instead…

I got up an hour early to allow myself time to enjoy a calm cup of tea and consume some HAPPY NEWS


No rushing around and out the door,

I woke up and I popped the kettle on for the first time since I can remember- because I could!

 Not just to start my rest day on a more positive note but to PROVE to my damn self I CAN do it and KEEP MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE!

It honestly does go to show that a GOOD morning really does help to make for a GOOD DAY!

What does your morning routine look like?

If you don’t really have one and struggle in the mornings like I sometimes do, what COULD you do to start your day right and make your days more enjoyable/bearable?

Remember that your NUMBER ONE priority should be YOU!

YOUR happiness, YOUR sanity, YOUR YOU time.

Sure your job/commitments pay the bills so they’re obviously important but we’re not talking bout them right now…they get all of your energy all of the time.

But what’s the point in all of it if you’re only ever living for the weekend or waiting until everyone else is dealt with before you can do YOU?

YOU should come first always…and I wanna know exactly what little thing you would like to make the time for each morning before you go off to work…and I want you to DO IT!

I await your photos!



Happy Wednesday Everyone


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