Birthday Fun

Me again…

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

It’s been a week since my last post and in that time I HAD A BIRTHDAY!


I try to practice gratitude everyday but around my birthday I’m always just super aware of how lucky I am for everyone/thing in my life.

Here’s what I got up to…


Saturday 20th July

Afternoon Tea at The Oblix

(Up the Shard)

I decided I wanted to have a nice chilled birthday this year as I tend to over plan and then get a little bit overwhelmed, so I celebrated the weekend before instead with some of my friends and family so that I could just play it by ear on my actual birthday weekend.

Next stop- Level 32!
View from opposite The Olix entrance


The Menu



The view from our table



The Gluten and Dairy free Afternoon Tea provided for my cousin Megan. Although their scones are vegan they weren’t gluten free so unfortunetly Meg couldn’t join in on the scones…HOWEVER what she could eat was lovely and filled her enough anyway!
Our scone decorations and the first time I’ve had honey comb at an afternoon tea!

Traditional afternoon tea cost £42

Afternoon Tea including a glass of champagne was £52

And Megan was only charged around £24 for hers due to the absence of scones

(non of the above prices include service charge)

Apart from a couple of taste preferences among some of our party we were very impressed with the experience!

The food was great, the views and the restaurant was lovely and the company was awesome so it was a thumbs up from us!

If I had to rate our all round experience I’d give it an 8/10



Friday 26th July

Dinner at Ours

(South Kensington)

This place has been on my bucket list for a good 3/4 years now so when my friend Sophie couldn’t make afternoon tea we decided it was the perfect excuse to have a seperate celebration of our own and went for dinner the Friday before my birthday the following week!

The infmous entrance to Restaurant Ours!
“Whats Ours is Yours”
Flower wall! An instaworthy MUST!
The obligatory flower wall photo
Behind the scenes of the obligatory flower wall photo! (Our favorite)
Low lighting, tree’s and fairy lights made for the perfect birthday meal atmosphere and a DJ and lovely live singer were the candle on top!



Starter- Halloumi popcorn and a sesame type mayo (shared) £11
My main- Black cod with a cucumber salad and miso puree £29.90
Sophies Soft Shell Crab with Spicy Kimchi Rice £27.80
For dessert I went for the Pistachio semifreddo with a dark chocolate crumb (no price on the online menu but it was around £10 I believe)
Sophies Eton mess- Around £10
Or pretty YUMMY cocktails #kissme and Made in Chelsea (Around £15 each)
The insta dream bathrooms!
A little birthday surprise! hehe


Although I’ve wanted to eat here for a long time I have to admit I was slightly worried it would be one of those places that are great for a photo but let you down with the food and although it was pretty pricey it was completely worth it in our opinion and the perfect “occasion! restaurant!

A STRONG 9.5/10


Saturday 27th July (MY BIRTHDAY!)

Wall Climbing at Vertigo



After some birthday breakfast my little sister took me to Vertigo for a morning workout and adrenalin rush!

There were lots of different climbing walls as well as a step tower and two different leap of faiths.


To see prices CLICK HERE 


After climbing up an appetite we headed home for a mini buffet and afternoon with family and friends!





It was exactly the chilled birthday I hoped for



I wanted to include WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY in this post but I’ve decided to do a separate one as I’m currently away for the week and would like to include more than the content I already have!

So that will be coming next week!


How do you like to spend your birthday? Or don’t you like to?

Comment how and where you spent it, you never know…it might inspire me and others on how to spend their next birthday too!

To read last year’s Birthday Blog Post CLICK HERE

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