A Week in Vienna

I went to Vienna for a week in June and loved it…

I originally only went to tag along to my boyfriends work trip and chill out for a few days but I ended up having a full blown city break and lapping up as much of beautiful Vienna as I could!

Here’s a little round up of the week for anyone in search of inspo!

(Or anyone who would just like to see how pretty Vienna is)

Day 1

We travelled from the airport to Wien Mitte on City Airport Train

We then realised there was a regular subway we could have jumped on for a third for the price! So don’t take inspo from that part (face palm!)

From Wien Mitte we got the subway to Neubaugasse on the U3 line which delivered us a 10 minute walk away from our AirBnB.

Our apartment was open, bright and quirky…it was also above a cute coffee shop called The Brass Monkey


…it had no air con so it was pretty damn stuffy with the intense sunshine outside, so one suggestion I would make (if you are visiting during the summer) is to make sure wherever you’re staying has air con first!


We ditched our cases and took to the streets to explore the surroundings…


These adorable traffic lights of love were dotted all around the main parts of Vienna so watch out for them! 🙂


We stopped at Palmenhaus for an homemade (overpriced) lemonade and sat over looking the park for an hour or so…


And then carried on further into the city centre in search of somewhere to eat dinner…


The heavens opened during our stroll and we were forced to choose and take cover as quickly as possible!

Luckily we weren’t far from Veggiezz– a restaurant that had been recommended to me, so we gave it a try.


Vegan Burger
Quinoa bowl with tofu, pesto pasta with seitan and some wedges.
Hot chocolate and a tumeric latte.

Everything was delicious!


Day 2

The next morning we took a walk to the The Breakfast Club (A short walk from Naschmarkt) for…you guessed it, some breakfast!


French toast with bacon, fruit, honey and jam.
A marvellous mixture of halloumi cheese, hummus, vegetables, fruit, olives and bacon

After a very satisfying first meal we wandered to Naschmarkt and ended up spending the whole afternoon there, soaking in the busy atmosphere and admiring all of the fresh fruit, delicious food, and traditional market type bits and bobs.



After a couple of laps of the market we plonked ourselves at a table in the middle of it all and enjoyed an iced latte or two.

We’d sat talking for so many hours that it was of course- time for some more yummy food…


We grabbed some white sausage from the market before moving on to find an ice-cream parlour…


For dinner we hunted down Zum Wohl a gluten and lactose free restaurant.

Serving anything you could ever want whilst visiting Austria with no gluten worries!


 I had the goulash and dumplings

Yes that’s right the dumplings are more like macaroni in Vienna- I wasn’t expecting that either lol but it was still lovely all the same!



Day 3

Alex went off to work on day 3 and for the next two days we went to explore Vienna without him.

We went online and got 48 hour tickets for a HOP ON HOP OFF bus (€35 each) and pretty much just plonked our butts for the afternoon and did the full circuit of each line.

I like doing this in new cities because it can be so overwhelming knowing what to see and where to start without missing anything out!

We grabbed some ginger and apple shots from the shop on the way to the bus stop for some #health
The start of the day was grey and rainy but it didn’t last too long. Luckily we had our macs with us so we didn’t let it dampen our day!

We enjoyed the bus commentary and soaked everything in for hours.

 It was a great way to get an overview of the city and decide where we really wanted to go before we put together our POA! 


We did the whole of the yellow line, red line and finished our day on the blue line hopping off at Hundertwasserhaus and Kunst Haus Wien Museum (where we enjoyed some apple strudel) before hopping back on to do the rest of the blue line and walking back to the apartment to meet Alex.


Both Hundertwasserhause and the Museum were awesome but my person fave was the museum as it was like sitting in a secret garden with all of the greenery and fairy lights! Right up my street! (oh by the way we didn’t actually pay to go into the museum we just enjoyed the free parts instead)


On return to our Airbnb we freshened up and popped out for some dinner at ULRICH in the 7th district.


It was in a really cool part of the city and had a great feel to it where the older parts had been “hisptered up”


I had the Wild Boar Schnitzel with some Erdäpfelsalat potato salad which was lovely and a quirky twist on the traditional chicken schnitzel

And grabbed some vegan ice-cream sandwiches from Veganista on our way home!

Cookies & Cream and Strawberry

Day 4

Armed with a plan we jumped back on yellow line and headed for Schonbrunn Palace

We explored the beautiful grounds and gardens for a good few hours, then ended at the Café Residenz for a coffee…however we didn’t pay to go inside the palace itself.


After our pit stop we hopped back on the bus and changed onto the green line at the next possible stop to head into Grinzing wine village and one of Vienna’s famous view points!


The bus driver kindly agreed to wait for 10 minutes so that anyone who wanted to get photo’s of the view point but didn’t want to get left until the next bus, could do so.

It was a stunning view and felt so peaceful.


After visiting the top of the mountain view point we were on our way back down into Grinzing where we wanted to get off for a glass of wine!

As the bus pulled up the heavens opened completely and we ran for cover in this charming little place where we sheltered from the thunder storm over a sharing platter  of bread, meats, cheese and of course some local wine!


Finally we caught the next bus and made our way back to the city centre.

We were all pretty tired from our long days and didn’t fancy going out for a proper meal so we regrouped and then walked to the nearest McDonalds to try find what unusual things we could find on their menu.

We got a schnitzel burger, a gluten free burger and some cheese and ham strips I believe (forgive me- I can’t remember what the 3rd burger was!)


Day 5

By day 5 we had Alex back and he wanted to make up for lost time! So we headed back to Hundertwasserhaus on foot so that he could see the weird and wonderfulness for himself!

We found and stopped at a lovely little place called PARK on the way to grab some breakfast…

Egg boxes for wallpaper and spoons for hooks! We don’t find these places by accident! (heart in eyes emoji)




Then we were back on our way…



After Alex had filled his boots and got some instagram shots for himself we carried on to find and take a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel (which cost us €12 each)


 And then took a stroll back towards the city centre again.


Stopping for a Zanoni-Zanoni ice-cream along the way…


Finally arriving at the main square where St Stephens Cathedral is located


And topped off our touristing at the famous Sacher Café for some famous sacher torte!



We walked back to the apartment for a few hours of chill time before heading back our for some traditional food at DerHannes

Bread Dumplings with Egg (so salty and delicious!)
Jam Pancake


Day 6

On morning 6 I found myself up early and back at Schoburnn Palace with Alex…and this time it was a much sunnier day!


Once back from the palace we wanted to check out the Museum Quarter so we walked  to central and watched the world go by for a bit with our feet in the water outside of the restaurants before heading off to meet some friends for coffee. 


We spent the rest of the day exploring another district and then found somewhere to have our last dinner in Vienna!



And finished the night with an ice-cream!

Our favourite Ice-cream f the trip in fact!

Our top flavour being the sacher torte– it was insanely yummy!



Finally we took a nice slow walk back to pack ready for our flight the next day.

The time had come to say goodbye to the arty AF apartment we had called home for a week.

We walked down to a quirky little restaurant/café called Vollpension and enjoyed our last few hours in Austria!

Before we knew it- we were wheeling our travel cases back towards the subway station and on our way back to London Stansted…

But not before…ONE. LAST. ICE-CREAM! 🙂

Vienna absolutely has my heart and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for their next city break!

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I would also love to know which cities were YOUR favourite to visit?

I hope this was of some sort of value or enjoyment to you…

Thanks for stopping by

4 thoughts on “A Week in Vienna

  1. What a wonderful post. It was a great joy to see Your photos presenting Wien. Very different from Helsinki, were we have old wooden houses as in many other small towns.

    Happy and safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

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