Around this time last year, me and my family finally visited Kew Gardens for the first time.

I’d wanted to go for ages and we finally had a day in the diary! Anyone who has followed my blog from the beginning may have already seen my post (for anyone who hasn’t and wants to- CLICK HERE)

Anyway…since then we’ve visited a number of times, making the most of Mums membership!

Firstly in March for the Orchid Festival


And again in August for Alice and Wonderland and the Chihuly Blown Glass Sculpture Exhibition


Mum and Mark have taken Miya and other friends/family on a few days out to Kew to check out the brand new children’s playground…(which requires an online booking)

We also have tickets to visit our new favourite gardens at Christmas for their famous Winter Trail

We wanted to go last year but tickets sold out fast!

 So this year we we’re ready and waiting to get first dibs.

Thanks to being Friends of Kew we got first dibs ahead of general public and had our tickets locked in by spring!

I’m so excited and have every confidence that Kew will be the perfect way to kick off this years festivities!



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