Self-Care Saturday


If so you’ll already know that I celebrated the occasion with a Self-Care Saturday and invited lots of people who’ve shown my little cyber corner love and support.

The day was a blur and went so fast that I hardly managed to get a photo once it all kicked off!

A few of my lovely attendees did get a few snaps however…so I can share some of the day with you!


I didn’t want the day to be too structured just a place where everyone could pop by and soak up all the little things on offer whether it was a massage, foot spa, smoothie bowl, self-help book, a face mask or just a good old natter.

I wanted it to be a day for everyone to get their “self-care” on without even realising it.

Although lots of the things on offer were nice and “pampery” it wasn’t a “Pamper Party” and I wanted all ages to feel welcomed as all different ages follow my blog/social media pages.

I mean come on…Meatball is my biggest fan and she’s 7 years old! I couldn’t exclude my sidekick!

She helped me plan the lot!




I held our Self-Care Saturday in my Mums Garden

Not only because it was convenient and easy but because it is a happy place for me and was a place that I spent as much time as possible during the start of my self-care journey.

I ate countless meals, read, journaled, worked out, sunbathed and napped my heart away in this garden whenever I could…

So it just made perfect sense for it to be the setting of Self-Care Saturday!


Mum carried out back neck and shoulder massages (she’s a qualified masseuse don’t ya know)


I made smoothie bowls for everyone and laid out a toppings station…


Brought some of my favourite self-help books along to share with anyone who wished to borrow and encouraged everyone else to do the same..


We did face masks…

All Body Shop of course!

Swapped experiences and advice on healthy living

And just snacked, chatted and self-cared the day away.






It was such a lovely day and we already have the next one in the diary!

🙂 ♥



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