Halloweeny Sleepover

Another Halloween, another cosy evening in with meatball…complete with all the novelties!

Last year we had such a nice time embracing autumn, Halloween and all the festivities that come with it.

We had so much fun planning our very own Halloween themed evening, making a list of exactly what it would consist of…and this year was no different!

If you would like to have an evening like us, here’s what you’ll need!


Set the Scene

First things first, we need to turn up the cose… and this year I did that with these adorable pumpkins, knitted for me by an old friend! Along side my pumpkin rum candle

Pumpkin Pizza

After having to do a double take because I thought it was just squished, I spotted these pumpkin shaped pizzas in Asda!
The perfect sleepover food! (alongside some crudités and hummus for balance of course)

Bath Bomb

A few weeks ago I bagged this little guy from LUSH just for a moment like this. PUNKIN PUMPKIN had our bath looking orange and smelling of autumnal cinnamon and mandarin… PLUS…if we turned the light off it was GLOW IN THE DARK!


Halloween Movie

Miya had a browse through the “Family Halloween” section of Netflix and decided on “Spooky the Square Pumpkin“. So we got into our pj’s, lit the candles, cozied up and carried on snacking on the crudités as we watched the movie.


Themes Treats

Once we’d had our fill of health, we moved on to our Freaky Jaffa Cake Bars!


Ghost Crumpets

The next morning we tucked into some Ghost Crumpets for breakfast! Keeping the theme going strong!


Face Mask

No sleepover is complete without a face mask, so after breakfast we popped one on and watched another Netflix Halloween Film “Thunder and the House of Magic” as our food went down. Last year we used our homemade pumpkin gut face mask but this year we just went for Ethiopian Honey by The Body Shop.

Go on an Autumnal Walk

After a nice lazy morning we went out for some fresh air and to get bodies moving, spotting lots of pretty autumnal vibes along the way.


Hot Chocolate

Of course it was time for hot chocolate and we topped them off these pumpkin marshmallows from Asda to Halloween them up!


We went on to watch Matilda with our hot chocolates and then carried on the fun  few days later, with…

Pumpkin Carving

Obligatory pumpkin picture! Meet Violet and Riley (left to right). Miya did such a great job carving her pumpkin almost completely on her own this year

Mini Roll Bats

We got a little creative and turnt mini rolls into bat’s…


Spiderfied Cookies

And spidered up some cookies.


And just like that… we’d ticked off our Halloween “to do” checklist!

What was on your list this year?!





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