BLOGMAS DAY 5: Our First Christmas Tree!

So basically, Me and Alex got home from South Africa on December 2nd and headed straight out for a Christmas tree.

We went in a bit blind and very last minute but actually it couldn’t have gone better and we’re IN LOVE with our b-e-a-utiful little tree and I want to dedicate a post to him!

His name is Desmond (after our favourite tour guide in Cape Town)


He cost us £20 from Tesco after a failed attempt to get one from IKEA (thank you universe)

His theme/colour scheme is TRADITIONAL golds, reds and green vibes as we both grew up with traditionally decorated tree’s and so…wanted to channel it into our own!

ALL of our decorations (apart from the cinnamon sticks)


are from Sainsbury’s, including:

 These charming skater/berry baubles 


A 24 pack of plain/glittery red baubles


A 4pack of Gold Hanging Bells 


I grabbed two of these pretty mistletoe/glass baubles to break up the solid colours


A pack of 6 gold GLITTERY pine cones because I just LOVE a pinecone


Two glittery/pearl snowflakes


And finally a 6 pack of robins! (I had to fight Alex on this one but you’ll be happy to know I won) and I like to think these little guys have now won him over!


And lastly a nice big box of mini baubles to fill in the gaps and add some more colour.

OH no wait…and of course the star!


Along with a pack of 200 Tesco lights and we’re SO SO happy with it! 🙂

The flat feels suuuuper super festive and cosy now and it’s well and truley got us both in the Christmas spirit!

Merry Blogmas!

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