BLOGMAS DAY 6: Festive Foodie Faves

It’s quiet strange really how some of us only associate certain food with Christmas- but never the less…we do!

I found myself walking past my faves in the supermarket and telling myself “wait until Christmas” but then it dawned on me…we’re not hosting Christmas so what am I waiting for?

We don’t want to hold ourselves back then suddenly have this mountain of food to get through just the two of us!

We might as well get our festive faves in now and slowly enjoy them throughout the build up.

Heres what made it into my basket!

Of course, a bottle of the good stuff- Salted Caramel flavour this year
This ones for Alex- although I wish I did, I don’t like fruit cake but I know it’s a huge tradition for so many at Christmas.
I thought these sounded like an interesting one as I’m a big fan of sweet/savoury together.
Everyone goes mad for Lindtt Lindor balls- I honestly think I’m the only person on the planet who thinks they’re way too sickly. The coconut ones however, I ADORE!
Listen up people, I grabbed these out of over excitement but wasn’t really expecting much. It was more of a cave in to marketing/the novelty factor, plus I’m more of a crunchy cookie gal over soft. These mince pie cookies from Asda however have shut me right up! They’re sooooooo good and the sweet dusting is quite literally the icing on top! I couldn’t recommend them more!
My taste buds only transitioned to being pro turkish delight a few years ago so I’m making up for lost time. These are yummy with a capital Y! (also a nice change to after eights)
Because I just have to try them!
No caption needed! Although I do have to say these are a little too sweet for me (I never thought I’d ever say those word but it’s true) the iced are Alex’s favourite though.

The only thing missing are my ABSOLUTE favourite- chocolate covered Brazil nuts- I want to hold out for a visit to M&S for those bad boys though!

What food tastes like Christmas for you?!

Merry Blogmas

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