BLOGMAS DAY 7: 10 Self-Care Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

Since practicing the art of self-care and gratitude my outlook on life has transformed dramatically…

And although I still very much have my bad days, my new found “attitude of gratitude” and awareness allow me to better recognize when my bad days are creeping up and understand why.

Learning ways in which to help “care” for myself has been pure magic and so why wouldn’t I want to spread that magic even further at Christmas time! (or any time)

I know self-care looks different for everyone but…usually it pretty much revolves around “you-time” whether that’s taking a quiet moment to process your thoughts and how you feel or making the time for your favourite hobby.

Since you can’t give the gift of time (IMAGINE?!) here’s a few more realistic ideas:

  1. Mug

  2. Gratitude Journal

  3. Face Mask (My Favourite)

  4. Bath Bombs/Bubbles (I love Lush or Body Shop)

  5. Candle

  6. Book (doesn’t have to be self help)

  7. Experience Voucher (for whatever they’re into)

  8. Pj’s (my favourite places for luxury comfies are Next and M&S)

  9. Slippers

  10. Yoga Mat (because its always good to have a mobile meditation/stretching/yoga space)


Which of the above has got to be your favourite?




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