Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Wish List

Ok, I’ll just say it for all of us…

Receiving presents is awesome!

Of course there is more to life than material things (WAY MORE) but…you can’t deny that excitement and warm feeling when someone has taken to time to out of their day and put their hard earned cash towards showing thoughtfulness (even if it costs nothing).

I always feel awkward when people ask me what I want for Christmas cause no one wants to be that cheeky git requesting £40 bubble bath!

If a gun’s held to my head I think it’s always a nice idea to request different books from my to-read list because that’s a lovely little thing that doesn’t cost the world but provides a world of joy.

Others however, religiously gift me money- this is when I treat myself to the bits and bobs I’ve always wanted but can never seem to justify throughout the year.

That way I can buy it myself or put the money towards it and let my loved ones know exactly what they enabled me to indulge in!

Here’s what’s on my SHAMELESS Wish List this Year:

Self-Care Co Candle

Lululemon Align Leggings (I know, I’m so cliché)


Laura Mercier Bath Honey

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp


Cards Against Humanity

Mr & Mrs

Tube socks for the gym

What’s on yours? Don’t be shy…


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