Blogmas Day 9: My Top 12 Christmas Films

A good old movie night can fit any occasion but at Christmas time they just seem to fit extra perfectly!

Lazy winter afternoons, cold cosy night in, hot chocolate, a take away or just you a blanket and your slipper socks (and if you’re like me, all the fairy lights on)

Choosing the perfect film however can be overwhelming! There are SOOOO many out there and everyone will have their favorites/suggestions.

Films that just ARE Christmas for us (and not always the obvious cliche ones either)

Here’s mine:

1.The Grinch

2. Home Alone

3. Love Actually

4. Jack Frost

5. Just Friends

6. Gremlins

7. The Holiday

8. Elf

9. The Muppets Christmas Carol

10. The Snowman

11. The Borrowers

12. Mouse Hunt

(I know 11 and 12 don’t exactly hold a “Christmas Film” status but for me they will always remind me of the Christmas I received them as gifts.

It was the same year I got a bright pink inflatable backpack (who else had one of these?).

Me and my brother both got inflatable chairs (mine orange, his green)…

We sat in the living room, in front of the tree, surrounded by the aftermath of the mornings presents opening, in our blow up chairs and watched them.

Any time I think of or watch them I’m transported right back to that living room and it’s such a warm and fond memory for me.

What’s your favorite Christmas film?

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