Blogmas Day 10: I’m an Auntie… AGAIN!

On Tuesday 10th December 11:21pm my delicious neice joined us all on planet earth, weighing in at a whopping 8lb 7oz and making me an Auntie TIMES TWO.

Completely different to her petite and baldy older sister Trinity, she’s covered in rolls and has a head full of fluffy dark hair.

Unlike her sister, who was three weeks early she had no interest in coming out into the cold and had to be given a little hormonal nudge!

That 3 weeks difference clearly shows in the fat storage the little chunk has stocked up on whilst staying comfy in there.

She’s very sleepy still and reminds me of the little Eskimo/cavebaby from Ice Age as she lays, cosy in all that chub.

close up of illuminated christmas tree and a baby
Photo by J carter on

It’s so surreal that she’s actually here and that our little Trinity is now a BIG sister.

Looking after her while Kat and Ryan were at hospital, I kept finding myself looking her and having a strange wave of feelings- how was it only 17 months (exactly) ago we were going through this with you but now you’re just part of the furniture and here we are again!?

It just hit me how big she was now and that suddenly – she wasn’t a baby anymore, compared to the new born bundle that was about to come home and turn their family of three into four!

A new baby really does cause you to slow down and reflect, even if you don’t realise that’s what it does.

I used to wonder why I felt strange whenever anyone close to me had a baby…

Even though I didn’t want kids of my own yet I would find myself pondering and re-thinking life.

Then I realised…

And as Reggie Yates so perfectly put it:

“Children are like water to the cordial and suddenly the problems you thought you had, just really don’t matter that much any more”

And this little glass of squash comes in the form of…

Lorelai Christine Gallagher 


The best Christmas present our family could ask for…

Today I am grateful for: a smooth and (although it was a close call) drama free delivery resulting in a healthy Kat and Baby.

I’m honestly so proud of Kat for quiet frankly taking it all in her stride AGAIN, reminding me of how incredible and strong the female body is.

My heart is so happy for all four of you.

Merry bloody Blogmas!



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