BLOGMAS DAY 12: Xmas Work Do & Being a Millennial Granny

For our Christmas work do this year we went to the lovely Pircio, a Turkish/Italian restaurant in Bishops Stortford.

The food’s yummy (as are the porn star martinis), the atmosphere’s great and I love that they made the effort to put out Christmas crackers etc to help and “festive up” the feel of the place.

Although I highly recommend it that’s not why I’ve decided to blog about it…

I want to blog about being a millennial Granny (who went there for her xmas work do)

These days I’m a complete homebody and although I love a good social cocktail/prosecco/mulled wine/gin I REALLY got the point where I didn’t wan to go out at all and just couldn’t relate with people that did.

I can’t stand binge drinking. I don’t like the way it makes me act or feel…


It turned out…after a full on week (and after having to really push myself to go) it was just what I needed!

It was so nice to go out, eat yummy food, have a few drinks, spend time with colleagues outside of work and just have some nice healthy time away from my normal routine/people/places.


I was home by 1 and didn’t drink a stupid amount which enabled me to enjoy the night without waking up feeling crappy physically, mentally and having negative thoughts towards myself for it.

I realise I have a negative association with drinking, for a number of reasons but mainly because, during difficult times in my life drinking has only ever and things worse so I learned early on that it’s just best to avoid it and keep a clear head.

I’m so super aware of how so many people use drinking as an escape…and of it’s unhealthy effect on our mental health that I allowed that to push me too far the other way.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t change my craving to be home 9 times of 10… but it’s really nice to get to a point where I can go out if I want to (without over analysing whether it’s for the wrong reasons or not) and just enjoy myself without ruining the opportunity for making good memories for myself.

I’m so grateful that I’m in a place where I’m able to enjoy my own company but I also need to remember my own advice…that life’s all about BALANCE!

Merry Blogmas!







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