BLOGMAS DAY 14: Lazy Day!

After a busy week, the baby being born, my Christmas work do, a 30th birthday party AND a day in London…a lazy day was well and truly on the cards!

I had a sleepover at Mums so me and Miya woke up had breakfast and did just that!

We started with a classic…

Home Alone

Home Alone

then we stocked up on refreshments and carried on to watch…

Home Alone Lost in New York

Home ALone 2
Because we obviously couldn’t NOT follow with no. 2!


Get Santa

Get Santa
We moved onto Netflix and Miya chose to watch this one, neither of us had seen it before. Where Home Alone is a 10/10 I’d have to give this one a 5/10.


Christmas Chronicles 

Christmas Chronicles
Another Netflix Movie, as one film finished Netflix would start playing adverts for others so we just kept pressing play! This one was really good, I preferred it to Get Santa. 7/10



Finishing on another Netflix one this was my favourite of the Netflix films. I loved the story line, it was very clever and so sweet. 9/10

All back to back moving only for bathroom breaks, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, tea and biscuits.

Another thing I loved about our little lazy day was that Miya was 100% in it with me! Like most kids, she usually gets more one film in and wants to go out and do something or want to know “what are doing next?”…but this time she was happily set for the day with me.


Almost like we both needed it… and it meant so much to me.

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