BLOGMAS DAY 17: Alcohol Free Mulled Wine


This Christmas time we had our friends round for a festive evening in…one of which I share the festive passion of mulled wine with…BUT… one of which who is also growing a human (3 months deep).

When she expressed how upset she was to be missing out I was determined to find away to change that…

ENTER...Holland and Barrett

I ran to our local shop and picked up a bottle of their Mulled Berry Punch, grabbed an orange and some cinnamon sticks from the co-op and threw it all on the hob!


Although worried it would be a total waste of time and Sophie would be left with even stronger FOMO I poured us both a glass and we ABSOLUTELY ♥’d IT!

Now I’m not sure if Sophie felt as strongly as me but I’d happily drink the alternative over the real stuff and was so happy it was a success!

Such a great way of being able to enjoy the festive flavours without having to ditch your car and call a cab, harm your unborn fetus, or fall off the waggon!

£4.99 well spent!

Give it a go and thank me later!


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