BLOGMAS DAY 19: Self-Care During Christmas

Ok so…similarly to when I posted GOOD OLD GOOD HABITS at the beginning of the year, I’m back to talk self-care at Christmas…aka the time of year people feel the most guilty about enjoying themselves.

Pretty please go and read that post now if you haven’t already and instead of seeing it as something you can practice in the new year, take note NOW.

I’m so done with allowing myself to feel bad about or be JUDGED for wholly embracing the festive season (whatever that may mean).

For me and many others it’s eating mince pies, chocolate and cheese boards for dinner…

Minimum if not NO exercise and let’s be honest losing track of the week and if whether or not you’ve showered today.

Now, although I would rather not  focus on the eating/exercise side of it I know it’s what most people will struggle with (because for so many years that was me too) so I have to.

And until the people I love can just get on with Christmas with full self acceptance and move on I’ll keep talking about it, because too many people beat themselves up and base their self WORTH on this toxic sh*t.

I’m fully aware the internet is full of people preaching self love and acceptance but not enough of actually telling you HOW to achieve it.

SO…here we go…

I’ve said it once now I’m saying it again…

It all starts with the little things.

Lot’s of GOOD little things, that need repeating and practicing and will eventually go towards shaping the big picture.

Heres 4 little things to try.

INSTEAD of mentally highlighting and dwelling everyday you haven’t moved much or gone to the gym, go for a walk or dance around  and see it as a way to to put all the yummy food to good use and burn anxious energy, not a way of burning off food. If you enjoy it you’re far more likely to do it.

INSTEAD of fixating on the food you eat lacking in nutrition, actively make the effort to add to it by drinking water and eating fruit or vegtables wherever you can with meals. Focus on the positive nourishment instead and see how that changes your mindset.

BE MINDFUL, journal maybe? List three things you’re grateful for/that you love about yourself or just write a to do list. If you feel productive you’ll get a dose of the good endorphins to balance out any feelings of “lazy guilt” you may be struggling with. You could even set yourself one mini priority task each day and tell yourself you must complete it before you can commence getting on with the rest of your day/plans.

For example:

I will:

-Do the washing up before I allow myself to make my morning coffee.

-Put a load of washing on before I watch Netflix.

-Clean the bathroom before I go out to see family/friends.

-Complete a piece/section of work,/studies before I have a bubble bath.

-Read a chapter of my book before I start the dinner (self care priorities are just as if not more important)


BE OK with it and ACCEPT when you don’t manage any of the above! Sounds silly and you might feel like you’re pretending at first but fake it till you make it– this is how my gratitude practicing started- I felt stupid, I felt like a fraud and I wasn’t sure I was any good because being positive was so alien to me.

However I still did it and slowly but surely I realised that’s exactly the point. When you’re struggling to see positives in yourself or your day yet you still manage to squeeze something out and get it onto paper, you’ve done it. The stupid unnatural feeling starts to drop away with every practice and before I knew it, I genuinely believed the things I was writing down.

This Christmas (like the rest of the year), I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, I worked out when and if I wanted and instead of justifying myself to people or MYSELF I was just ok with it!

I allowed myself that, because I have lots of little good habits that I should be proud of and you should too!

Who’s with me?

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