BLOGMAS DAY 21: Afternoon Tea London Bus Tour

After a whole month of waiting, the time finally came to take my little meatball and Granny for B Bakery Afternoon Tea (on a bus!)

Following on from Blogmas Day 15 …ENJOY!

Victoria Station, here we come!
On arrival we made our way to Vitoria Bus station! Always leave yourself plenty of time to get there because the first time I did this I underestimated how far the bus station is from the train station and we almost missed our bus!
There she is!
All aboard!
The photos really don’t do it justice! Top deck was so cute and cosy!
All the pretty food!
Granny’s gluten free afternoon tea came on a separate plate to ours and went down very well! Granny’s a celiac and she’s been on a gluten free diet for years and yeeeears… so when she said she would highly recommend her afternoon tea to other gluten avoiders- I trust her judgment! They also offer vegan and dairy free but cannot cater for gluten AND dairy free.
It was all super yummy!
Cheers! (Spot meatballs Christmas lights!)
Mum and Granny getting stuck in!

Now I must warn, this is definitely one of the more expensive afternoon tea’s I’ve been on (especially at Christmas) so it’s more of a special occasion afternoon tea!

For me, it was worth every penny and made for the loveliest little afternoon/evening to spend with loved ones.

Thank you B Bakery!

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