BLOGMAS DAY 22: Christmas Eve Traditions


Call me lazy but I’m re-sharing last years post because I love it so much!

& because nothings changed!

Enjoy! 🙂

5 Christmas Eve Traditions

The build up to Christmas (although super frickin’ cute) can be super frickin’ overwhelming!

There’s always plenty of things on my Christmas bucket list each year…I’m slowly making my way through as many of the different ice rinks, afternoon tea’s and Christmas markets as I can and how efficiently I make my way through my ever growing list all depends on how organised I am..

BUT…one thing that’s always a constant no matter how unprepared I am for the big day are our Chirstmas Eve Traditions- simple yet never failing to get me in the spirit!

Everything just feels on track once we’ve carried out our favourite festive traditions.

I know most families have their very own traditions that are meaningful to them but I thought why the hell not share some of ours in case it can inspire just one other person in the way we were obviously inspired way back when it allllll started.

Here’s a little idea of what our Christmas Eve agenda looks like:

1. Watching  The Grinch

 Sunday 24th December 2000 – me and my family headed to our local Odeon to see The Grinch starring Jim Carrey and to this day it holds a special place in my heart! Christmas Eve would not be the same without it and this is a tradition that even my little sister (who’s 21 years younger than me) has adopted and looks forward to every year! If I ever find myself in the same room or flicking onto a channel where the Grinch is playing BEFORE December 24th, I will ALWAYS put an end to it because it is a Christmas Eve film and that is that!


2. Lazy Baking

Whether its rolling out ready-made pastry (no shame) and making speedy mince pies or just grabbing a box of gingerbread and a couple of tubes of icing- we always like to prepare something on Christmas Eve! Especially if i haven’t had time or ticked off the “Christmas baking” throughout the rest of the Christmas period, it’s always nice to know Christmas Eve will always have it covered!

christmas cookies
Photo by on

3. Christmas PJ’s

Like many others- every Christmas Eve since I can remember…we’ve been allowed to open one gift, which has always been a new pair of pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas morning! This little tradition is one I don’t think you can beat and we have of course upped our anti as the years have gone by…sometimes with the WHOLE family in identical matching candy stripes! Although it’s only a silly little thing to do, I think it’s a little thing that brings a lot of joy and really adds that extra festive touch to a cosy Christmas Eve.


4. Last Minute Wrapping

I’m not really sure if I’ve just aways ended up behind on the wrapping or if I purposely leave a few bits so that I can feel all festive and cute as I watch The Grinch in my Christmas pyjamas! Either way I’ve decided it’s something I need. My Christmas Eve NEEDS it! Because let’s be honest, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some last minute wrapping!

photo of two brown wrapped gifts on wooden table
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

5. Hot Chocolate

Our cupboards are locked and loaded with Christmas mugs collected from Christmas markets over the years, ready and waiting for their yearly moment to shine! Christmas Eve is another key moment for the seasonal fun! You’re in your tartan pyjamas, The Grinch is on, the wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors are in the middle of the living room floor ready to go, you iced some gingerbread earlier. NOW…put the kettle on, get the ugly mug out and if you wanna be really extra… the whipped cream, marshmallows, a shot of Baileys and a candy cane! (or whatever your thing is) GO WILD! You deserve it! But really pay attention as you do so… Enjoy it! It always tastes much better! 🙂

beverage candy candy cane celebration
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And there you have it.

Like I said, these silly little traditions may SEEM silly but I truly believe that especially if you’re someone who struggles to enjoy Christmas that it’s so important to find out what it is you do enjoy and create you’re very own little rituals with it.

A hot chocolate might just seem like a hot chocolate but PLANNING your Christmas eve hot chocolate, choosing the mug, putting the kettle on and mindfully preparing and making it into something that is going to bring you comfort as you sit and (really be in the moment as you) enjoy the finished product THAT holds a lot more power than you think.

& if you take this approach with all of the little things you choose to do, you won’t believe the joy available to you!

Merry Christmas Eve!


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