6 Feel Good Favourites


Disclaimer: these products are linked with Amazon Associates, meaning if you purchase anything directly through the links provided, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (which helps to support and keep my little blog up and running). If you do use my links thank you in advance!

I want to share some of the OG products that have truly helped and inspired me on my self care/discovery/development journey.

Lots of wonderful self-care curious people have expressed that they would like to start practicing mindfulness/gratitude and I’m often asked which books and journals I’d recommend.

Firstly, let me say that that investing in yourself doesn’t always mean spending money.

If like me you have lots of cute/pretty notepads lying around that you don’t actually use, start there!

closeup photo of journal book and pencils
Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

If you decide on a book you want to read, head to your local library or ask around and see if someone can lend it to you! It makes me happy to spread the love and offer my library out to others.

In a world where consumerism rules all, constantly trying to make us think we are lacking… it feels awesome to re-use and check what we already have first.


If something makes us feel good (and I mean really feel good, like it’s an investment into our self-care, something that will feed our brain and welfare…not just mindlessly shopping for material things) AND we can afford it… as long as we’re not doing it for the wrong reasons, well…good for us!

Treating yourself to a book or a bath bomb that you can enjoy in a moment to yourself, might just be your ONLY little piece of joy that day, so run with it, you deserve it!

The day I read my first self-care book it brought me a huge sense of comfort, I was on holiday following a breakup and I devoured it in only a few days.

Every single word spoke to me. I genuinely felt a transition in my whole mind-set. I  was convinced that I’d randomly bought this book for a reason and although I wasn’t much of a reader at all, the universe brought it into my life to serve me the way that it did at the exact time that I needed it.

Of course life is always that bit easier on holiday, reality is oceans away, but as I travelled back home the anxiety started to kick in again.

The panic inducing reality of having to go back to my normal life when nothing felt normal anymore, returning to the same old routine that couldn’t have felt more different now…

…couldn’t be avoided any longer.

The book that had brought me so much joy and calm was over… BUT when I found out that there was a follow on, I ordered it to arrive asap!

I went back to work and I would so look forward to going out into the sunshine on my lunch break for some me time with my new book…

My NEW hobby that I was so proud of myself to have…

A NEWNESS that was good and positive and sparkly and untouched by the old life before it.

Soaking up and tapping back into that same therapeutic happy place I’d found on my sun lounger in Morocco, I realised what I’d created for myself was nothing short of magic…a real life magic….

So on what bloody planet would I NOT share it?!

Starting with…

THE book

Happy by Fearne Cotton- THE book that started it all!

The Follow On

Calm by Fearne Cotton- My new chapter “on tap” happy place. I’m currently reading the third book Quiet


The First Ever Journal

Journal Happy The Journal by Fearne Cotton- My very first journal. As you can tell theres a bit of a theme going here, I love Fearne Cotton…and once I got emotionally attached the those books it just felt comfortable staying with the theme for my first bash at journaling. It was nice to be guided as I felt like an un-natural, awkward journalling newbie to begin with. It also has yummy, positive quotes and illustrations throughout. A year later the magical news broke that she was bringing out Calm the Journal …so I moved on to that one once Happy was all full up.

Straying From Fearne!!!

Life changing
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight- as I started to get a taste for self help reads I had took note of many along the way and for obvious reasons this one caught my eye. Sarah Knights books are a very easy read, I love how she just says it as she thinks it and makes you feel completely at ease and amused all at the same time! This one really helped me with snapping myself into shape and has taught me a lot about how to spend my f**k bucks far more wisely in life! I then moved on to read her follow on books You Do You and Get Your Sh*t Together. All as brilliant as the one before!

Confidence Levels Rising

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero- again I’m clearly drawn to books with cool titles but this one was another that really spoke to me and helped to build me up and work on the me I knew I was and wanted to be. It helped to re-spark my motivation.

The Law of Attraction

the secret
The Secret by Rhoda Byrne- if you’re into OR open to the law of attraction this book is incredible food for thought! Once again it makes you look at everything with a different mind set. It’s awesomeness had me smiling to myself on many an occasion/bubble bath!

I’ve plenty more I would recommend but these ones really stick in my head in terms of the influence they had on me so I’m confident in recommending them to you too, especially as great starting books.

What one do you like to look of?


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