Coronavirus Craziness- Please Sign!

Happy Tuesday All,

I hope you’re all in good health, during this strange and crazy time.

I myself don’t really have a clue what’s going to happen, from where I’m sitting (other than the obvious bulk buyers and supermarket madness) life still seems pretty normal.

My office is still open, the high street I live on is business as usual, my little sister’s still going to school.

Every time I check social media or ease drop on someone’s conversation- this is cancelled, that’s cancelled…yet nothing directly around me is yet to happen…it’s bazar.

For now, all I know is if I do end up having to stay home at least I won’t have financial troubles which is more than I can say for some of my loved ones.

sign pen business document
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Please help me in supporting this PETITION to include the self-employed in statutory sick pay during coronavirus!

I’ve heard lot’s of different rumours, some as wonderful as banks possibly freezing mortgage payments etc but that’s all it is to me at the moment – a rumour (For my own mental health, I avoid the news on a good day and have to admit I’m still in avoid mode), but this is something I know we can actively try to make happen and will help so many even if it just a little bit!

Thank you so much and take care





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