Lockdown Loveliness

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!

So…things have taken a slight turn since my last post.

2 weeks later and I’ve gone from working full time, still going to the gym and living life pretty much as normal


Being told I’ll be working from home, then back to being told I’ll be in as normal again, everywhere closing, to finding out one of my best friends has contacted coronavirus and going into self isolation having had close contact with him (don’t worry, he’s thankfully ok and is making a slow recovery).

Me and Alex have been self isolating for over a week now and although the reality of all of this is super scary and tragic for so many people I want to share some of the loveliness this lockdown has resulted in for us. (picture style because I know you guys like that 🙂 )


Cherishing time outside!

This was pre-lockdown, Alex would make us coffee in our KeepCups so we could enjoy them during a socially distant morning walk in the sunshine.



GOOD Mornings

Morning time is my favourite time of the day!

I’ve realised the importance of starting my morning right in order to set my mind up for the rest of the day. I love trying to make the most of and enjoying my mornings, especially on week days when I have work, it’s super important for me to do things for myself before I head off to the office.

During a normal week, my mornings usually involve being up and on my way to the gym by 6:30/7am …and although that’s a great way to start my day, it means I don’t spend many of my mornings at home.

I miss our home and find myself torn between wanting to hit the gym, starting my day productively and getting up to enjoy breakfast and a coffee in the place I spend all that rent on!

So…I’ve made DAMN SURE not to take being at home for granted and I’ve LOVED our morning rituals.

Deciding what to have for breakfast then taking my sweet sweet time prepping and presenting it to myself…

Making the most of our coffee machine and just…

Spending time with Alex without the pressure of “I’ve only got two days of this before it’s Monday again so we have to plan this PERFECTLY” then get frustrated if I feel we wasted the weekend.







Comfy Clothing

I’ve rather loved dressing strictly in comfies all week, again…I have a lovely little collection but often feel like I neglect it because I’m short on days where I can truly just chill out. But the last week they’ve all had their time to shine and it made me very happy!


Including mis-matching Christmas pj’s of course!


Loading up with nutrients!

For obvious reasons, we were even more determined than usual to get our fruit and veggies wherever we could! Arming our immune systems with everything they needed!

Sidenote: even though we still did online wok outs and went out for walks whenever we could, sitting around so much definitely effected my appetite  and I rarely fancied 3 meals. More like 2 meals and a fe snacks (just incase anyone else can relate)



The little things

I loved keeping up with the little things that make me feel good, in terms of “being home”, good habits like making sure the bed was made so that I felt like a responsible adult, as well as catching up on self-care are top of my list when re-charging! Journaling daily, finally whacking out Crash Bandicoot, yoga, reading, meditating, self-care, self-care, self-care!

We’ve both been following online workouts 4 times per week and I’ve been doing as much guided yoga and meditation videos as I can.




Face Time!

In a world where we’re all stuck behind our WhatsApp conversations it was nice to break out of that and actually MAKE CALLS to the people we love and can’t see right now. It almost feels un-natural as you debate pressing the FaceTime button and stepping out of your oh so familiar and lazy “just send a text” comfort zone, but I loved pushing ourselves out out of it! We made a cuppa and had many a virtual coffee date.

If all of this has taught me one thing it’s that I’ll never take being able to freely see my friends and family for granted again!





The beautiful sunshine


This beautiful weather has been a huge hep during this weird time, unfortunately we don’t have a garden but we do have nice big windows looking out into the streets so we can see the world going by if we ever feel lonely and can open all the blinds if we need to let some light in. I’m a big believer that although it’s insane that the world seems to have stopped in its tracks…this sunshine is a gift from our planet as a thank you for giving her a rest.

Other than all of the amazing brave key workers working fiercly to try and get this under control but we’ve all been proven wrong in thinking that nothing could ever stop the tireless rat race!

Watching the beautiful effects that has already had on Mother Earth is a nice little dose of positivity amongst all the madness and sadness.

I’ve never been so aware of how lucky we are to travel the world and go out for dinner or a drink or simply for a walk.

How lucky we are that so many things are available to us whenever we want or need them…and how having these things restricted has reminded us to be grateful for all the little things we neglected along the way.


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