Indoor Rainbows

Last week I gave into a spot of retail therapy and although I’d like to say I did it because everyone’s offering free delivery at the moment… I’d be lying.

I’ve had my eye on these for a while now and being in the flat so much magnified those wants. I decided we were in need of an extra little dose of homeware happiness around the place.

I should have been saving my money for essentials (I know)… but I caved ok. Sue me!

Anyway, getting to the point… look how cute they are! 🙂

| MUSTARD | BRIGHT RAINBOW |These wonderful little rainbows have added some welcomed charm to our happy place!

We’ve been wanting some new cushions for the sofa to spice up the colour scheme but when I coudn’t make my mind up on which rainbow to go with… I just decided the bed could do with a little more happiness too!

BATH MAT | I love our bathroom but its pretty neutral so I had fun with this one!

During these bazar times I’m grateful for a little bit of visual happiness and I hope you are too.


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