DIY Hair Mask

Howdy y’all…

I’ve been treating my head to a weekly hair mask for the past month or so, for some reason I’ve had a pretty dry scalp for what feels like forever and although I’ve found it easy to find hair masks, I wanted one that was aimed more at my scalp.

I was over-excitedly scrolling through the internet, in search for a wonderful, natural, scalp nourishing mask, when I remembered one of the most popular and natural products in the world of hair/skin/anything care- COCONUT OIL! Which luckily enough, I had a jar of in the cupboard!

I did a quick google to find out how best to treat a dry scalp and another thing that seemed to pop up everywhere I looked was TEE TREE OIL (something Alex always has in his toiletry bag).



I boiled the kettle, poured it into the sink and gently placed the jar of coconut oil down into the water in order to melt it.

Once it had liquified I tapped around 10 drops of tea tree oil into the jar and just like that…

My homemade, naturally nourishing hair and scalp mask was complete!

I applied it to my whole head, parting my hair and focusing on massaging it into my scalp first, then moving onto the rest of my hair.


 You can leave it on for a long as you like but I slept in mine (placing a towel on my pillow), went to the gym and didn’t shower it off until after my workout the next morning.

Although I know it’s not going to happen overnight, I’ll be repeating this weekly until my coconut oil’s all gone and will update you on the progress!

My hair felt lovely and soft and I felt great for giving myself a little pamper.

I definitely recommend seeing if you can improvise before you fork out on products (although it can be exciting, I know).

Give it a go!



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