Has this always been here?

When freedom as we know it is taken away, we suddenly find ourselves appreciating all of the little things we used to take for granted.

Everyone’s daily exercise/walk seems to be one of those things.

Even those of us who used to turn our nose up if we were asked to “go for a walk”, have never been so happy to get out there!

Broken record I know, BUT…todays post is dedicated to something slightly different…


During one of our daily walks a few weeks ago we came across a beautiful park not far from where we live.

15 months in Woodford and we had no idea all of this was within walking distance from us!

Although I have always loved where we live, the one thing that used to frustrate me was the fact that there was no open green space if I wanted to go and walk, read, listen to a podcast or just BE outdoors without a road nearby, but now I do...

and I’m so grateful 🙂

Highams Park Lake


I honestly couldn’t be more excited for when we have an unlimited allowance of “outside time” again and I’m already mentally planning afternoons of reading, long walks, and picnics with our loved ones now that we have this lovely new option.

ps Alex very rarely takes me up on my walk invitations, so during this pandemic I’m well and truly benefiting from his cabin fever. Anyone else?

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