Meditation and all the Trimmings

A positive habit I’ve finally been doing more of recently is meditation…

With all this extra time at home I’ve enjoyed adding it to my self-care routine.

Kick started by my most recent read The Miracle Morning, where meditation is a recommended part of any successful day…

Add in this lovely Great Meditation youtube channel suggested to me by the lovely Ibi…

(seasoned with a little consumerism)

…and I’m officially “someone who meditates”

Here we have my “Zen chasing, hippy wannabe” starter pack .

It’s brought a big feel good dose of nourishment to many of my days…so I want to share it!

I’ve linked everything in the caption, however the yoga mat and incense holder are similar finds as the originals aren’t online.


Here’s how my dreamy and mindful routine usually plays out (whether you do it morning, noon or night):

– A nice big drink of water.

-Brush teeth and wash face.

-Pick appropriate meditation video.

-Light incense

-Spread out then pick an oracle card at random

-Mindfully read my chosen card aloud or quietly to myself 2 or 3 times (if I doubt or feel underwhelmed by the card I pick I do not re-pick. I trust that I always pick the card I was meant to pick.. for me… on that day…in that moment. I try to embrace it, with a little smile if I can).

-Place my card beside me (allow it to be my positive affirmation or intention for that session/day if I haven’t already set one)

-Get comfortable, cross-legged on my bolster cushion, press play on my chosen guided mediation video and follow along.




That was the meditation part complete, however I usually then follow that with a bit of yoga, guided whichever video I fancy from my favourite Youtube Yogi channel Yoga with Adriene.

Once I’ve worked on some mind and body this is when I move on to maybe making myself a hot drink and filling in my journal, still keeping my oracle card with me.

I sometimes cut this short if I’m short on time but this is my ideal self-care routines right now.

I’m still new to meditation and some days I do spend the whole 10 minutes fighting with my busy mind but I’m also getting better at remembering, that’s what meditation is for– you don’t need to have the perfect silent mind to do it- if that were the case there would be no need to meditate in the first place!

No matter how unsuitable you think you are to meditation, I urge you to try it!

Happy Thursday


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