Wholesome Weekend

Happy weekend all ❤️

Todays start (just like yesterday), was a late but wholesome one…

I put on some feel good music and threw a wash load on first thing, to get the GET SH*T DONE endorphins flowing…

Then carried out my self-care routine as shared in my last post 

It’s been a pretty re-charging weekend and although I managed to do some washing and have a little sweep, its been dominantly nourishing.

I started each day with meditation and yoga practice, journaled, went for walks in the sunshine, did some reading, binged Netflix, had a pamper, a DIY haircut and lots of video call time with my loved ones.

Whatever you did or didn’t do this weekend, I hope you’re well and making time for yourself in these strange “all blurred into one” times.


Here are the links to the weekends yoga and meditation for anyone who’s interested 💁🏻‍♀️

Rebirth Practice

Moon Practice

Tension Relief Practice

A Fresh Start

Morning Gratitude

Powerful Morning

I particularly loved the Morning Gratitude Meditation and Moon Practice

If you give any of them a go, I’d love to know what you think!

Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow with some baked goods.


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