Lockdown Bakes

Neither me or Alex are the biggest bakers, although when the motivation does strike we love it… it’s not a regular thing for us.

During lockdown however, Alex of course jumped on the lockdown banana bread bandwagon and has now caught the baking bug!

I have to be real with you, there has been a few trial and errors…

A salty first attempt at banana loaf and a lemon drizzle sink hole later…and Alex had perfected his craft resulting in pure edible happiness!

If you’re thinking of getting on board here are the recipes used!

(just make sure your scales work properly before you add salt and don’t get over excited and prematurely open the oven) 

The Banana Bread was a recipe posted by Alex Head with a few mix up’s including soft brown sugar instead of white.


This loaf (although beautiful) was a little saltier than desired, so we topped it with extra sweetness to balance it out and it was still delicious.


The second time around we used the exact same recipe however this time, vanilla essence and chocolate chips were also thrown into the mix!




The Lemon Drizzle was made using The Londoner’s Recipe



I’m not the biggest cake fan, I’d much sooner grab a cookie or flapjack with my cuppa…cakes (I find) are all too often overly sweet icing to make up for  dry, disappointing sponge and I’m left sugared out, unsatisfied and all for nothing.

THIS CAKE THOUGH…was far from that, it was full to the brim with zesty yummy juiciness and was worth every bite!

What are you waiting for?!




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