Virtual Journaling Date

After a few month of keeping in touch via FaceTime me and Miya had a lovely virtual read along and enjoyed it so much that we decided we wanted to do more of them, as they gave our calls a bit more structure.

Miya said that although she wanted to, she hadn’t journaled in a while so that’s exactly what we planned for our next virtual date.

We set a time and met by the phone with a cup of tea and just used the time to sit and fill in our journals together.

Miya was using the 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids I got her from Christmas.


I’ve seen lots of people turn to journaling during this pandemic, as a way to help them try to process how they’re feeling.

A lot of us use our busy lives as a distraction for our minds, so it’s no wonder now that everything has come to a halt, people are struggling with what has surfaced.

This is seemingly a very small thing to practice but has bigger benefits than you would imagine, even if it might not feel like it to begin with.

Virtual self-care SUCCESS!

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