DIY Iced Latte

One little thing that’s bringing me big joy right now is my daily DIY iced latte!

Luckily I just happen to live with someone who decided to treat himself to a fancy pants coffee machine and although it didn’t cost me a penny I’m reaping the benefits like crazy!

Especially during lockdown!

I love coffee culture…year round, popping to a charming independent (alone or with others) and enjoying a flat white, latte or even the occasional hot chocolate is something I’ve got a lot of love for BUT…my real excitement comes into play in the hotter months when the time comes to swap out the hots for the colds (a vanilla iced latte to be exact).

It’s silly really because their super simple to make but it just never occurred to me until I saw someone online doing so.

I quickly realised our kitchen is my coffee oyster and so THAT…is exactly what I did.

And you don’t NEED a coffee machine either…you can instant it up, these are desperate times people, just make it happen!

Ok so…

1. One shot of hot coffee (mixed with some sugar in my case)

2. Milk on the rocks (Alex tells me to shake the milk up in our cocktail shaker for an authentic frothy coffee but I can’t be bothered, you might want to though)

3. Then simply pour/add the coffee to the milk and if you have syrup for extra sweetness or flavour add it, stir…




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