Meditating with Barbie

To my delight, Miya loves her Meditation Barbie (the one I got for her birthday)

She repeats five different mindfulness exercises and comes with a pet dog and 4 different mood rainbows (so cute).


Anyway… Head Space have partnered with Barbie and are offering a mindfulness sessions FOR FREE on their website to encourage children to slow down and try to understand their mood and feelings.

Me and Miya arranged to do a meditation video call one evening before bed.

So I got myself set-up in the bedroom, lights off, candle lit, a squirt of sleep spray and waited for Miya to call.

She had her evening bath and laid in bed with Breath with me Barbie, then we got cosy together and followed along to Barbies guided meditation video!

It was lovely…and then Miya showed me the functions on her new Barbie, repeating some positive affirmations:

“I am strong, I am loved, I am unique, I can be anything”

 Before wishing me goodnight and going off to sleep.

I had a little nose at the other videos and want to make our next one a morning meditation, over a cup of tea.

I’m loving that our self-care calls get Miya involved in the good stuff!

The fact she’s so willing makes my heart all the more happier and waters my soul even further!

Meatball strikes again.

Happy Saturday


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