A Welcome Slice of Freedom

I know everyone’s feeling a bit confused right now.

The lockdown rules are gradually relaxing and although we can’t wait to see and be around our loved ones… we can’t deny it almost feels wrong to do so.

Something as smalls a picnic in the park (even two meters apart) feels a little too good to be true.

I worry and get sucked in by all of the negativity and fake news concerning socialising, HOWEVER…being allowed out more has done wonders for my mindset.

The first week it was deemed acceptable to (responsibly) enjoy open spaces again…I found so much joy in popping to a local green space after a day of home working and sitting in the sunshine, WITHOUT a lingering feeling that I shouldn’t get too comfortable and had better keep moving.


After around 6 weeks of lockdown in a flat with no garden, gazing longingly out the window at the benches and grassed areas that were off limits to me…

I grabbed my book, filled up my water bottle, headed to the spot of green I had eyed up on our daily walks each day… and enjoyed a welcome slice of freedom.

These small thoughtful moments feel extra good right now and are proving once more that when all is said and done, when it comes to what we really NEED… it always boils down to the little things in life.

Sure it’ll be cool to eat in a restaurant again, jump one the train into London and see a film at Cineworld, book an afternoon tea, continue to make my way through as many brunch spots as I possibly can and book a holiday even!

But if you were to ask me for my top ten things to do (which is on it’s way in a blog post soon) when all is safely possible again, I can safely say none of the above would be in sight.

Just gimme the freedom to sit in the sunshine and be with my people!

In what ways has thoughtfulness presented itself to you in all of this craziness?



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