Hitchin Lavender Fields

Yippiiiiiie, I finally paid a visit to Hitchin Lavender Fields!

(thanks to an early birthday present off Mum, thanks Mum!)

Cheers to a bloody lovely day!


We had to pre book online

 Entrance price is £6 but we paid £22 for a family of 4 ticket.


We booked the 12-2pm slot and there was about 50ish spaces per slot which was just enough to enable us to enjoy the lavender fields without feeling overwhelmed by too many other people.


It was lovely and peaceful and smelt super calming (as you can imagine).



Rosemary Beetle


Technichally lavender picking was not available to avoid cross contamination using the scissors during Covid-19 and as not to hold up the flow in the lavender rows.

BUT…people were picking with their hands once they had walked to the end of the lavender rows.


Luckily the weather was super sunny (so sunny I got burnt so don’t forget the sun cream!)


Photoshoot op!


The fields were buzzing with bees but we managed to escape without disturbing them too much or any stings!

Miya loved discovering the metallic Rosemary Beetles too.


I felt very Instagrammable with my basket bag.


After an hour in the fields we ended our session with some yummy lavender flavoured refreshments including:

Lavender shortbread, gluten free lavender and orange cake and lavender ice cream (our favourite being the shortbread).

I also treated myself so some Raspberry and lavender jam and a jar of seville and lavender marmalade form the gift shop (£4.50 each)


Chuffed to bits to finally tick Hitchin off my bucket list!

Happy early birthday to me!



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