A Yummy Balanced Breakfast

Todays breakfast was the perfect example of how you can supplement and build on what you already know and enjoy when it comes to nourishing your body and still enjoying what you eat.

As I’ve expressed in my past posts Greek Yoghurt Hacks and Pimp Your Yoghurt, greek/natural yoghurt isn’t my favourite thing to eat. I used to eat it for business reasons, instead of pleasure.

These days I’m much more relaxed, reach for what I enjoy and then build it up to make sure I’m doing my best to get in what my body needs most of the time.

I also noticed my gut happiness when I was getting a regular yoghurt fix so I of course want to hold on the that.

So to enable me to keep yoghurt in my diet easily and enjoyably I add a scoop of protein powder to flavour it. It’s also an added bonus that it hikes up the protein content which is a super important macronutrient to prioritise in order to support your bodies daily maintenance.

This mornings breakfast ticked all of the boxes and was a treat to eat!

Natural yoghurt, protein powder, granola, raspberries.

Protein CHECK

Main source: Protein powder and yoghurt


Main source: Granola and yoghurt


Main source: Granola

Vitamins & minerals CHECK

Main source: Raspberries

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