Let’s Catch Up

Happy Wednesday all!

I hope you’re as well as can be given the weird times…

I’m ok, can’t complain.

Just the usual ongoing struggles of trying and failing to balance my attention over all areas of life , ya know how it is!

I wanna catch up by rounding up some of the things that’ve brought me joy while I’ve been away!

I had a birthday!

I went on lots of Audiobook and meditation walks…

I went back to Hitchin to see the sunflowers…

Lots of quality time with my favourites (bias to the babies, not sorry)

Hosted the first of many Brunch Club’s with my favourite Vegan (her very first vegan pancakes)

One of my oldest and bestest friends brought another baby gorilla into the world

Taking part in a LIVE Yoga session with the one and only Adriene

Me and Meatball took our very first flower jar order

Investing in myself by hiring a Coach

Hannah Brown Aka The Butterfly Coach

A trip to Centre Parcs

New plant babies

My new Space Jam T-shirt!!!!!

Finally getting my own salt lamp!

Rainbow nails

Transitioning to autumn PJ’s

I hope you enJOYed, cause there’s plenty more where that came from and on its way!

Let me know what brought you joy today!


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