Boobs, Glorious Boobs!

Happy Thursdaaaaaaaay!

As promised in last nights post I’m in the mood to keep spreading the joy…and today my friends..the joy is BOOBS!


This booby embroidery was a gift that came through the post whack bang in the middle of lockdown, completely made my day and has brought me joy every time I’ve walked past it, ever since!

Not only because it’s super thoughtful but because of it’s badass, feminist AND thoughtfulness- THANK YOU WING!

Secondly is my new boob mug! I’ve been eyeing these up for what feels like years now, so when we did a spot of pottery painting in Centre Parcs I decided to make my own! And I’M OBSESSED with it! It only arrived yesterday and I’ve had double the amount of hot drinks I usually would just because it brings me SO MUCH bloody joy!

Next we have my Kettleboobs T-Shirt!

I discovered Kettlboobs whilst at Fearne Cottons Happy Place Festival last year so this has double whammy joy attached to it, for me.

Lastly I want to share my Bellenous female torso candle with you because I just love her so much…and because she also contributes to the boob count in our home, so I’m ever so grateful for her.

This business does all different kinds of female torso’s in different skin tones, curvier body shapes and even has tattooed candles.

And there you go, that’s me for today.

I hope you’ve had a lovely day and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Oh and in case you’re wondering why boobs?

Why not!?

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